3 Habits of Highly Confident People & 3 Ways To Create Self Confidence
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Confidence is one of the most essential traits that every person should have. It helps you to take risks, try new things and be more successful at them. But what exactly is confidence? It's the belief in yourself that you can handle a situation or deal with a problem. Confidence comes from within, but you can develop it over time by practicing specific habits.

In this episode, I share the habits of highly confident people and some tips to improve self-confidence. I talk about appreciating yourself, taking time to be alone, learning from your mistakes, hanging out with positive-minded people, voicing your opinion, and celebrating your little wins. Tune in to learn more!

Topics we cover and where to find them:

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [03:05] Habits of highly confident people
  • [04:26] Ways to create self-confidence
  • [04:28] 1# Enjoy your company
  • [05:54] 2# Learn from your mistakes
  • [07:15] 3# Hang out with positive-minded people
  • [08:43] 4# Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion
  • [09:54] Tips to improve self-confidence
  • [10:08] 1. Stop negative thoughts
  • [10:51] 2. Celebrate your little wins

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