Managing All Aspects of Caregiving Through Technology
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Dannelle speaks with Carl Hirschman, the Founder of Caretree. In this episode, Carl shares how he created a centralized platform to communicate, store and document a loved one’s information. You’ll learn about ways to utilize and adapt technology to reduce logistical stress and better organize a care team. 

“Emergencies don't happen conveniently. You're not able to run home and then find that manila folder that has the advanced directives and everything that you need. You need it right now. To be able to have that at their fingertips, and to know that it's there, and whoever may need it, they can get it, too. That, I think, provides the biggest peace of mind for both the families and the professionals” – Carl Hirschman  


  • 02:14 - Carl’s 3 core values and how they connect to caregiving 
  • 06:50 - How Carl’s personal/professional experience led to the development of CareTree 
  • 09:42 - Benefits of using technology for care partners 
  • 12:07 - How technology and CareTree has helped reduce stress and overwhelm 
  • 14:49 - What kind of tech to consider if you aren’t tech savvy 
  • 17:05 - Examples of tech and apps that Carl recommends for safer home monitoring 
  • 20:10 - How to use technology to reduce the risk of caregiver burnout 
  • 23:30 - Other technology that care partners should know about 
  • 25:59 - What Carl is passionate about outside of caregiving 

Actionable Tips

1) Ask questions to help make more informed decisions. There is no way for us to know everything. Our determination to seek answers is how we build confidence in the hard decisions we have to make. 

2) Create routines and processes that are transferable, and easily communicated, to allow us a little breathing room as care partners. It's not a fix for how hard caregiving is but helps sustainability and our ability to manage the unexpected. 

3) Think about what simple technologies exist that could reduce the strain of trying to be everywhere all at once. Like online grocery delivery or a smart doorbell. 

4) Consider using easy storage and communication platforms like CareTree or CareBridge. These technologies can help automate some of the tasks that consume so much time and energy, including maintaining health records, communicating with other care partners, and scheduling appointments and activities. 

5) If you're unsure of what technologies suit your needs as a care partner, learn more about options at resources like, AARP caregiving, and Dr. Handicap. Look for reviews from companies that are well-established and have a track record of positive feedback. 

About Carl Hirschman

Carl Hirschman is the Founder of CareTree. After hearing about the challenges of family caregiving from his mother and other industry professionals, Carl started down the path of creating CareTree - a platform to help families and professionals manage the care for their aging loved ones, giving them a centralized place to communicate, share health information, and receive recommendations on best practices to provide peace of mind. CareTree has grown to now serve approximately 1/3 of private-pay geriatric care managers as well as home care companies, insurance providers, and thousands of families nationwide. 

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