Mahabharata Episode 45: The Pandavas Emerge from Hiding
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Draupadi and the Pandavas

King Virat was ecstatic to know that his son Uttar has defeated the indomitable Kauravas and won back their cattle. But Yudhistir's lack of enthusiasm and unabashed praise for the eunuch charioteer Brihannala enraged him. However, his rage turned to humility when he discovered that he has been hosting the mighty Pandavas in his castle for the last one year. Enthralled, he offered his daughter's hand in marriage to Arjun's son Abhimanyu. The Pandavs agreed.

While the marriage ceremony took place, Yudhistir was engrossed in another thought. As per the agreement with Duryodhan, the Pandavas have completed their twelve years in exile followed by one year in hiding. Now the time has come to claim back the throne of Indraprastha. The question remains, will Duryodhan keep his promise and give back their kingdom in peace? 

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