Dr Megan Rossi on the Secrets to Good Gut Health
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If you don't have good gut health, then it doesn’t matter how good your diet is. If your gut lining isn’t strong, then no matter how healthy you are, your body is not going to be able to digest and extract what you need from your food.

This is the key message from our guest on this episode of The Happy Pear podcast. Dr Megan Rossi, also known as The Gut Health Doctor, founded The Gut Health Clinic in London to make an evidence-based approach more accessible and get people’s guts back on track. 

Her book ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ has been an international hit, released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Portugal, as well as the US and Canada. She also received the Young Australian of The Year award from the Australian High Commission for her contribution to science and public education. If that wasn't enough, she has also worked with Olympic athletes and a number of CEOs to optimise their gut health. 

 In this episode, Megan talks about:

-       The amazing origin of how and why she chose to study all things gut health. 

-       The importance of the gut from both a physical, mental and immune system health standpoint and some of her tactics to try and increase healthy bacteria exposure. 

-       The Gut Brain Connection. 

-       Why you should be striving for 30 different types of plants in your weekly diet.

-       Her top tips for improving your gut health today. 

-       Balancing modern food while prioritising the gut. 

She also delves into importance of  

-       gut health and bacteria exposure in children

-       your environment and its impact on the gut. 

-       a varied healthy diet on the gut. 

-       limiting stress and embracing mindfulness, particularly with food. 


We learned a huge amount from Megan, a particular highlight of the podcast was her example of thinking of your gut as almost like having a pet in your stomach that needs the right feeding! 

We really hope you take away practical tips from this conversation.


Dave & Steve


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