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The Roarcast
Jun 21, 2020
Morgan James - Beth Chats
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Our guest today is the incredibly talented and versatile singer/songwriter Morgan James, who has branched across many genres including Soul, Opera and Broadway.

In this candid episode, Morgan opens up about her fears, challenges and desires for herself and for the music industry. We discover how she has navigated the music industry, championed women artists and is ultimately striving to become the best version of herself she can be.  


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Podcast Episode Highlights:

  • 01.30 - What is Morgan James’ worst ever job?
  • 02.53 - Was Morgan aiming for where she is now? 
  • 03.30 - How did Morgan start her career as a solo artist after a career in Musical Theatre
  • 04.30 - Has Morgan always sung the way she has and does she feel authentic in her sound?
  • 05.17 - Morgan James talks about her training at Juilliard and embracing her classical voice
  • 06.11 - The importance of growing your skills but being selective with them
  • 07.43 - What does Morgan think makes a great singer?
  • 08.28 - What are the similarities/differences in the range of genres Morgan James sings in?
  • 09.25 - Has Morgan been down the path of imitation?
  • 11.34 - Why does Morgan James continue to train classically? Would she return to performing Opera?
  • 13.09 - Why is Morgan an independent artist and what are the differences to being with a label?
  • 16.06 - Quickfire Round
  • 17.00 - Fun Fact 
  • 17.54 - What has been Morgan’s greatest career challenge?
  • 19.48 - How to handle rejection
  • 20.09 - What is success and does Morgan feel successful?
  • 22.23 - Does Morgan James doubt her ability?
  • 23.07 - How much or Morgan’s journey does she think is talent and how much is hard work?
  • 24.04 - Beth Roars asks Morgan James about ‘She is Risen’
  • 26.11 - Morgan speaks about the importance of diversity across the music industry
  • 28.42 - What quality would Morgan James take tomorrow, what would it be?
  • 29.24 - Advice for entering the music industry
  • 30.40 - How influential has the internet been in Morgan’s career?
  • 31.45 - If Morgan could do one thing in the future, what would it be?
  • 32.53 - Who or what inspires Morgan James?


Resources Mentioned:

This episode was recorded May 1st 2020

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