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Jul 8, 2019
Dan Buckley - Beth Chats
Play • 36 min

Beth Roars talks to singer and West End actor Dan Buckley, who has starred in shows such as ‘The Book of Mormon’, ‘Loserville’ and ‘Eugenius’. Dan discusses scrubbing everything from dirty dishes to combating body image issues in the industry and what it takes to perform in London's West End. Dan’s insights also include his experiences coping with performance anxiety and nervousness and how to decide whether or not a career in music and theatre is right for you.


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  • What was Dan’s worst job?
  • Could the younger Dan imagine that he would have made it this far in his career?
  • Dan discusses growing up in a rural town in Scotland and what it was like moving into London 
  • Has Dan ever had any doubts?
  • What is it like going to many different jobs as an actor and having to build friendships with different people each time? 
  • How does Dan find the unpredictable nature of being an actor?
  • Does winning an award guarantee you other work and success?
  • How has Dan Buckley supported himself in-between jobs? 
  • Did nervousness affect Dan’s performances in The Book of Mormon
  • Is it different to be part of a production as a lead role compared to an understudy?
  • What performance situations make Dan Buckley the most nervous?
  • What was it like for Dan Buckley performing in Eugenius and how did he come to be in it?
  • Struggling with confidence
  • How has Dan come to play the outsider a lot and how does he feel about it? 
  • Dan discusses his body dysmorphia surrounding his weight
  • Beth and Dan talk about fighting physical stereotypes in casting and the importance of having a diverse range of body types for different roles 
  • Dan Buckley speaks about working alongside Scott Paige and the rapport they have
  • What have been Dan’s greatest moments up until this point? 
  • Why was playing Ferris in Eugenius so influential on Dan’s life?
  • What motivates Dan to keep moving forward? 
  • What advice would Dan give to up-and-coming performers? 
  • How to be resilient and not let rejection get you down
  • Dan advises not to be afraid to go towards ‘your happy,’ whatever that might be
  • Is taking time out ever a good idea for an actor?


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