Change management and the digital thread
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The disruptive force behind change. In our industry, the ripple effects behind a late-stage change can have unfortunate consequences. Change is inevitable. But how do we avoid a change order that never should’ve happened in the first place? When we talk about change management what do we mean? Of course, some change is good – if you’re talking about a productivity improvement.

Welcome to Talking Aerospace Today – a podcast for the Aerospace and Defense industry. The place that brings the promise of tomorrow’s technology to the ears of our listeners today.

In this episode “Change management and the digital thread” we’ll be discussing the many sides to change management. When change happens late in the game, how do you keep configuration control? And what about change orders tied to certification? Really important stuff. We’ll also talk about how the digital thread can have a huge impact on change management in the area of electrical system design and development.  

My guests today, the always insightful Tony Nicoli, the Aerospace & Defense Director of Integrated Electrical Systems for Siemens Digital Industries Software. Also joining the conversation is Steve Caravella, a Solutions Architect from the Capital Team at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Steve has many years’ experience in the aerospace and defense industry as an electrical engineer and architect.  

We’re in a period of intense innovation these days and in order to survive, A&D companies must find rapid solutions to get to market faster ahead of the competition. Companies of all sizes have to be flexible, productive, and more efficient in finding new ways to reach their goals.

My name is Scott Salzwedel and I’m the host of Talking Aerospace Today. I invite to take a listen to our latest episode on change management in the A&D industry. I hope you’ll join me.

In this episode, you will learn:

·      The different sources of change (1:56)

·      Why every change you make brings you back to the starting point (4:30)

·      Regulatory changes (6:58)

·      How design closure brings change (7:42)

·      The components of change management (10:05)

·      How the model-based environment helps improve change management (12:53)

·      The benefits of digital thread in change management (13:49)

·      The certification side of change management (14:48)

·      Recommendations for managing change (15:57)

 Connect with Tony:

●     LinkedIn

Connect with Steve

●     LinkedIn


●     Capital E/E Systems development website

●     Blog: The Capital E/E Systems development solution. Exactly how has Capital evolved?

●     White paper: A closer look: Next generation electrical systems platform development

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