Design Tools and Practices - Past, Present and into the Future
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The digital transformation has allowed us to design, engineer and build in ways never before imagined. But what was it like for engineers before software and even computers? …Are you kidding? Yes, once upon a time drafting tables with lots of ink and Mylar paper were the modus operandi for the industry.


Welcome to season three of Talking Aerospace Today. In this episode, “Design Tools and Practices – Past, Present and into the Future” we discuss the tools and methodologies engineers have used throughout the decades. We’ll look at current and future technologies, too. Of course, the perspective we’ll be taking is that of electrical engineers responsible for electrical systems and platforms in the Aerospace and Defense industry.


The industry has gone through major catalysts, or inflection points, through the years and we’ll discuss these catalysts, why they happened and what was the result?


I’m excited to get started. This will be fun.


Our guests today, first the inspiring and insightful Steve Caravella, a Solutions Architect from the Capital Team at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Steve has many years’ experience in the aerospace and defense industry (as you will soon discover). Steve goes way back in the time machine. Next, we’ll be joined by Tony Nicoli, the Aerospace & Defense Director of Integrated Electrical Systems for Siemens Digital Industries Software. Steve and Tony will also discuss design tools and methodologies related to today’s digital transformation. Lots of ground to cover here, folks.


My name is Scott Salzwedel and I’m the host of Talking Aerospace Today. I invite you to take a listen to our latest podcast series that focuses on electrical system design in the A&D industry.


In this episode, you will learn:

●     What does Steve do at Siemens? (2:23)

●     The tools Steve used in the days of B.C. - “Before Computer” (3:19)

●     How the computer shifted Steve’s job (4:26)

●     A major new catalyst: Computer Aided Design (5:01)

●     The evolution into 3D CAD (6:38)

●     The latest catalyst for change, model-based design (7:11)

●     The digital thread - what is and what it isn't (10:54)

●     About Siemens new Capital E/E Systems development environment (12:13)

●     How Airbus A380 exploited multidisciplinary opportunities (13:39)

●     The collaboration between ECAD/MCAD co-design (18:01)

●     What is model-based design? (19:55)

●     The benefits of the model-based design approach (20:32)

●     The difficulties of adopting new tools (21:51)

●     Using Siemens Digital Industries Software and Xcelerator portfolio (23:16)


Connect with Steve

●     LinkedIn


Connect with Tony:

●     LinkedIn



●     Capital website

●     Blog: The Capital E/E Systems development solution. Exactly how has Capital evolved?

Podcast #1 from the Capital podcast series: “The Evolution of Electrical Design in Aerospace

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