The Future Of Aerospace
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Would you believe me if I said we are in the early stages of perhaps the greatest period of innovation in the history of aerospace? Although there are some unexpected and unfortunate global challenges, as we tackle the Coronavirus, innovation in aerospace will continue. We are talking about major advancements in urban air mobility, supersonic flight, electric propulsion, and commercial space travel - just to name a few.

Welcome to Talking Aerospace Today, the podcast for the Aerospace and Defense industry and the trends that drive the digital enterprise - a place that brings the promise of tomorrow's technology to the ears of our listeners today. Welcome to our second episode of a four-part series.

As you may recall, our first episode touched on program planning and execution, which is the foundation for successful programs. In this episode, Dale and I discuss the future of aerospace, and how digitalization and digital enterprises can help with the challenges we have today.

Dale is the Vice President of Aerospace and Defense at Siemens. He has over 30 years of experience in engineering design, development, and program leadership within the aerospace industry. He specializes in building highly effective cross-functional teams to achieve complex operations when building today’s aircraft. Before Siemens, Dale worked at The Spaceship Company, which is part of Virgin Galactic, Textron Aviation, Cessna, and Bombardier Aerospace.

Dale is known as the go-to guy for all things aerospace and defense, so tune in and learn about the systems and solutions Siemens has to offer in this field.

Some questions I ask:

●     Can you explain to our listeners what we mean by digital enterprise and how the challenges we are facing can be addressed via the digital enterprise? (06:58)

●     How is Siemens innovating in the area of VTOLs and urban air mobility? (10:37)

●     What does the future look like in the area of automating the design process? (13:39)

●     What can you tell us about composites these days? (17:34)

●     How close is the industry to adopting AR/VR technologies? (20:45)

●     What is the one challenge aerospace OEMs are finally figuring out as they transition to a digital enterprise? (23:09)

●     What great innovation will we be talking about five years from now? (24:09)

In this episode, you will learn:

●     How Siemens helps companies during the pandemic to continue to advance and innovate. (03:53)

●     The challenges OEMs are facing today. (05:06)

●     How interdisciplinary interaction comes as an advantage of digitalization. (09:04)

●     How additive manufacturing helps companies be more agile, more flexible, and create higher-performing products. (14:43)

●     How augmented and virtual reality are drivers for innovation. (18:59)

●     How Siemens is strengthening the linkage between the virtual design world and the augmented reality that’s on the factory floor. (21:37)

●     How Siemens is helping Bye Aerospace to build and improve their all-electric aircraft – the eFlyer. (25:03)

Connect with Dale:

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