An Integrated Approach: Program Planning And Execution
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Welcome to Talking Aerospace Today, the podcast for the Aerospace and Defense industry and the trends that drive the digital enterprise - a place that brings the promise of tomorrow's technology to the ears of our listeners today. I'm your host, Scott Salzwedel and I welcome you to our first episode of a four-part series. 

As Digitization is transforming our lives in the way we interact with one another, how we commute, and how we shop and how we work, we also see it transforming entire industries, including Aerospace and Defense. 

In this episode, we are talking about the ways in which the industry can build aircraft smarter, faster, better, and save some dollars in the process. Today, I am joined by Dale Tutt from Siemens Digital Industries Software, who is going to shine some light on how the aerospace companies can take a more integrated systems approach to program planning and execution at a time when there’s so much innovation. 

Dale is the Vice President of Aerospace and Defense at Siemens. He has over 30 years of experience in engineering design, development, and program leadership within the aerospace industry. He specializes in building highly effective cross-functional teams to achieve complex operations when building today’s aircraft. Before Siemens, Dale worked at The Spaceship Company, which is part of Virgin Galactic, Textron Aviation, Cessna, and Bombardier Aerospace.

Dale is known as the go-to guy for all things aerospace and defense, so tune in to listen to his expertise on how you can leverage the digital thread and the IPP&E solutions, to simplify your manufacturing processes, and make them more efficient. 

Some Questions I ask:

  • When we talk about the IPP&E, what would you say is the one key differentiator that Siemens brings to the table that the competition really doesn’t offer? (04:37)
  • Why are so many programs failing today and what are some of the challenges they’re facing? (06:07)
  • Can you explain a little bit about task automation? (13:48)
  • What would you like to see added to IPP&E? Is there talk in the future of what we can do to make this an even more robust solution? (22:19)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How aerospace manufacturers and their supply chain can take a more integrated systems approach to program planning and execution and yet remain innovative. (02:50)
  • How IPP&E can help with managing more efficiently the potential risk in today’s aerospace. (10:01)
  • How the aerospace companies can move directly from winning a bid to designing and building the aircraft, by using the IPP&E solution. (11:29)
  • The advantages of having a digital thread. (16:51)
  • How the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) works. (19:02)

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