Schroedinger's Cat: Choose Positivity!
Play • 25 min
Activate your positivity by using a very special code word. What does Schroedinger’s cat have to do with positivity? Nothing is purely good or completely bad but contains the potential for both options. It’s in your hands to choose and create the reality you want to live in. By constantly choosing and focussing on positivity you feed an inner light that guides you through times of challenge. Let the cat live! Sending you my hugest smiles, Suzanne. Get in touch and talk to me about my show and what you would love to hear: on my blog ( or @suzannefreiherz on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. And find out what I do besides talking to you: YUNA® ( and @yunakeepflowing on Instagram and Facebook. :) Here you can find my online course Head Off, Heart On :)

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