Del Jolly: The Frontline of Decriminalizing Psychedelics
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Del Jolly of Unlimited Sciences discusses the first real-world Psilocybin study. We talk about about the movement in psychedelics. Del was the outreach director for the Decriminalize Denver campaign, which passed a historical initiative to decriminalize psilocybin in the city of Denver.

Who is Del Jolly? 

Del Jolly is the co-founder of Unlimited Sciences, a non-profit organization looking to further the research and acceptance of entheogens in modern medicine/society. He's also the co-founder of Umbo Mushrooms, the makers of performance bars and supplements that leverage key health benefits of the world's most powerful medicinal mushrooms. Del has also been instrumental in the success of the Decriminalize Denver movement and other similar initiatives around the country.

Del comes from a position leading business development for Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil, the world’s largest CBD oil producer. Del is currently on the community board of advisors to the Realm of caring, a high impact cannabis non-profit, and was the outreach director to the Decriminalize Denver campaign.


[3:30] Del’s journey to psychedelics

[8:35] Cannabis and performance difficulties

[12:00] Decriminalize psilocybin campaign

[22:30] What is decriminalization

[36:00] Del’s Psilocybin study

[45:20] Founding Umbo


How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

Realm of Caring

The Nowak Society’s PSA

Chapter 5 Foundation

Concussion Legacy Foundation

The Beautiful Brain- Audible podcast info



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