Richard Aceves: Movement Ayahuasca
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Richard Aceves (@rarebarracuda) is a pioneer and innovator in the world of movement. Richard is a firm believer in movement as a modality to express what an individual wants in the world. Richard and I talk about movement as a way to alleviate anxiety, why neural output is a key component of exercise, and how to create an Ayahuasca experience with movement.

Who is Richard Aceves? 

Richard has worked passionately and tirelessly to educate, upskill, and experience all necessary avenues of the human being to work to the mastery of understanding the human body, mind, and soul. His expertise lies in identifying the missing link, targeting it through human movement, and guiding each individual through a journey of correct foundational movements, away from injury and dysfunction and towards success. His unwavering focus on teaching his athletes the fundamentals of movement mechanics is a testament to the upskilling of knowledge his client's experience. His number one priority is that his athletes are healthy and safe.


[4:00] The Baracuda way

[9:00] Movement - the panacea for mental health issues

[16:05] The Baseline Assessment - Connecting with the Objectives

[23:00] What do your psoas and calf muscle have to do with anxiety?

[31:00] Focusing on neural output vs. reps

[34:30] How anxiety in movement creates anxiety in life (and vice versa)

[37:01] Tension over position

[58:20] Creating an Ayahuasca experience without Ayahuasca


Pumping Iron

Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Movement Ayahuasca

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Movement Ayahuasca

The Barracuda Way

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