The Underlying Brutality of Military Life
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Email from Rob.

As so many have before me, I wanted to put pen to paper, (to coin an old phrase), to say thanks for your unwavering desire to help people succeed and to congratulate you firstly on what I believe to be very pertinent and grounding articles and podcasts, and secondly for what appears to have been a very successful flying career, (I say that because by now you may well have left the service and you’re still here to tell the tale, having undoubtedly made a big difference in a lot of young pilot’s lives).


I’ve so far listened to probably a dozen of your podcasts and YouTube clips dating back to mid last year, (2016), so I have no idea whether you’re still pursuing this type of coaching as your new vocation so I’ll no doubt discover this as I slowly get through the rest as my busy family life and job permit. Nevertheless, I’m impressed with your coaching style and how you get the message across.


After listening to your podcasts in the car on the way to and from work, it’s kind of inspired me to write a little of my story. Now I have no idea whether it would ever be read, or in fact whether it would be of any use to anyone like yourself, (as these stories must be ten a penny), and it wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t - I’m writing it more as an exercise for me to bring it all back, and to allow me to then learn more from it. If you did want to read it, it’s not that long so bear with it............................

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