The One Essential Piece of Career Advice that You Missed Out On at School

Want to know what we should've been told at school? Remember those career advisors who told you to do the right thing and get a steady job like your parents did? Well, they should have been saying something else. You see, every week I get a lot of people emailing me asking what their next job move should be.

  • Should they join the military or the airlines?


  • Should they change careers from banking to something more ethical?


  • Should they start their own business?

 And my answer is always the same. But before I tell you, there's something you should probably know about me - when I signed up to fly military fast-jets, I had no idea what I was doing.Really, I didn't. I was just a young kid who'd seen planes flying around at a few airshows and thought 'Hey, that looks cool!' I'd built some model aircraft, seen 'Top Gun' maybe 20 times and thought that one day I could be Dougie Masters from the film 'Iron Eagle'! And that was about it. So, when people ask me what they should do with their career choices - this is what I tell them.


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