Lost Job Advice - What to Do if Unemployed
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Hi Tim

First I'd like to thank you for your podcast, I'm not Ex-Military, I'm only 26, I don't know why but I find your podcast quite reassuring. I really like way your project isn't just about planes (even though I'm a pilot) it branches out and covers performance in general from an aviators perspective, something I have said but nobody believes me is that learning how to fly teaches you to be good at "life". Please feel free to use my email for what ever you want, I trust you and if you're kind enough to advise me on my current situation your words maybe of help to a lot of people especially now. 

So 2 weeks ago I was laid off from where I worked, I had been a welder working at this small company for the past 18 months, it was not my first job since moving to France but it was my first CDI (permanent) contract. They helped me a lot, for example buying me French lessons and just being patient in general so I'm grateful and glad things are still friendly, it's not their fault it's just 2020. 

Honestly, I feel great right now, although I am grateful for the help, the job bored me, my input wasn't "their way" and it just wasn't for me. I feel like I have a great opportunity right now because Pole-Emploi (French job center) will retrain me but my unemployment benefit and retraining only lasts a year and I want to make the absolute best of it. Obviously, I am going to take every French lesson they are willing to give me but as for new job I'd like to do something different.

Although I am open to any ideas, my criteria for my new career is simple, it must pay for me to keep making my flying videos. 

My options as I see them:

1) Aircraft mechanic - EASA part 66 requires a year of school (pole-emploi will pay for my course) but it has a long apprenticeship and the end pay is only about 25,000€/year. I love aircraft and I do volunteer on projects but I would prefer to earn money and homebuild a kit than take a pay cut. Would also require moving and buying a car, happy to do but that would cut into my flying money.

2) High school tech teacher - Will be tricky to get into here (I never actually finished high school, I have an engineering diploma though). It would be stable plus I like helping kids.

3) Car or truck mechanic - I already fix my friends cars, I like cars, I love getting greasy. 

4) ULM pilot - I see a lot of ads in "pilote et avion" magazine looking for ultra light pilots to tow banners and do tourist flights, would be cool but its all short term contract and I can't see ULM turning into much after (ULM hours don't count toward CPL), I want a new path not a summer holiday.

5) Entrepreneurship - In France Pole-Emploi offer assistance to starting a bussiness, by following their formula you can raise between 4,000€ to 8,000€ unsecured, I have taken courses on Entrepreneurship before and would love to one day walk this path. Even though I have business ideas evevryday, I can't think of one that conforms to both the 4.000€ budget and the COVID-19 restrictions. But hej if you have any ideas 😉

6) Find another welding job - I have been looking for other welding jobs, could even be better than the one I had but doesn't feel like a move forward. 

What do you think of my options? Do you know of any others? Is there something I'm missing or doing stupid? What comes to mind? Go nuts! 

Sorry to drag on Tim and I am really grateful if you got this far! It's a weird time for me, I feel both more optimistic and more lost than I did when I turned up here with a couple phrases of French and a backpack two years ago. 



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