The Aggregation of Marginal Gains - Why Improving Every Small Thing by 1% Creates Massive Change in Your Life.
So I haven't signed up to the new gym yet and I'm probably not going to start that language course I looked at but I might learn the sousaphone - except I don't think I can commit to it right now because, you know, I'm busy with other really important stuff.​Successful author, coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins believes that people have the ability to achieve huge changes in their lives but that they are limited by the lack of belief in their own potential.

He talks of a loop that he calls the 'Success Cycle' that starts with a person's potential. When a person has potential they can take action and this action will get results. Now by getting results they will develop belief in themselves - and this belief will create further potential for action.But he explains that the hardest thing about the whole cycle is getting someone to the action stage. People undervalue themselves, they don't feel that they have the potential to achieve so never take the first step of the cycle.Most people just find the step too big.It's probably why you haven't signed up to that new gym yet either or got round to starting the diet you promised yourself.​You are not alone. Continue here

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