039 - Katherine Prescott: Alexa Privacy & Echo Show 5
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Katherine Prescott is the Founder & Editor of VoiceBrew, a digital media company dedicated to helping people get the most out of Alexa. We discussed privacy on Amazon Alexa as well as the future of #voicefirst advertising in light of which tech company's business model has true alignment with the end user, examining Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Topics and timestamps:

  • Privacy - Amazon Alexa - is she recording?
  • Amazon Echo Show 5 announcement - new features, especially for greater privacy and user data control
  • When is Alexa recording vs listening?
  • How do I control my privacy settings on Alexa?
  • 3.10 This privacy dialogue is healthy - it improves voice assistants for consumers
  • Echo Show 5 has a new camera shutter and the ability to say “Alexa, delete everything I said today”
  • 4.20 Alexa app is not the focus
  • 5.00 Discoverability is the ultimate challenge
  • 5.05 It’s called the 5 but this refers to the 5.5 inch screen - is same as third gen echo
  • 5.10 Why the Echo Show 5 is such a big deal - compelling land grab for affordable smart display space
  • 6.10 Like the shift from radio to TV, third party Alexa skills will improve dramatically because of multi-modal
  • 10.04 Will smart display pave the way for advertising? Banner even? Less intrusive than voice? Alexa diplsay ads?
  • 10.50 Emily: sponsorship and brand preference will be paid for - that will be the advertising, unlike previous digital like banner ads or PPC
  • 11.30 Katherine: Tech giants are shifting toward privacy as a feature
  • 13.15 Business model and alignment - Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook. Great point from Katherine.
  • 14.02 Google's pitch: we provide free services and collect your data.
  • 14.27 Think of privacy in broader context - we are in the early innings of voice 


  1. Echo Show 5: https://www.techradar.com/news/amazon-echo-show-5-everything-you-need-to-know
  2. "Buried in this morning’s Echo Show 5 announcement are a couple of new security features worth highlighting. In addition to the inclusion of a built-in camera shutter on the new smart display are a pair of Echo  commands that let users delete voice recordings with an Alexa command." -https://techcrunch.com/2019/05/29/amazon-adds-alexa-delete-what-i-said-today-command/

Get in touch with Katherine Prescott:

Twitter: @kbprescott

Instagram: @voicebrew


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