Tej Talks about his growth from £0 to £1.3m with the Scottish Property Podcast
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I get interviewed by the top guys at The Scottish Property Podcast about how I grew so quickly, my key bits of advice and how you can grow!



Thanks to Nick Ponty and Steven Clark for having me on.


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The Progressive Property Podcast
The Progressive Property Podcast
Kevin McDonnell
Property News- Extension to Eviction Ban & Will There Be a 2 Year Rent Freeze
After last year's unexpected mini property boom during a global pandemic, many people are anticipating what this year's property market will look like. Kevin keeps you in the loop with this week's property news as he discusses Sadiq Khan’s call for an eviction ban extension and the effect Brexit will have on newbuild homes. Kevin also discusses what has been discussed this week in the Progressive Property community.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Weekly Property News In an article in Landlord Today, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for an extension of the eviction ban and a two-year rent freeze in London. Although he has no major powers over the private rental sector Khan wants the government to give renters the same protection as commercial tenants who have been granted an eviction extension until March.   The effect that Brexit will have on the housebuilding sector is that a lot of house building materials are manufactured in Europe. This means that there is likely to be a slowdown in production and delivery of materials especially early on in 2021.   With the stamp duty holiday coming to an end in March then it is likely that this could see an effect on builders and house building in general. It will be interesting to see if there is still the same demand for new build property.   Progressive Property Community News & Discussions Rob Moore posed the question to the community ‘When do people think that the property market will correct or slow down?’ The property market will likely slow down after the stamp duty holiday has ended. Once it has ended, there could be a crash in the market and a lot of property could end up having negative equity. When opening a business bank accounts many people opt for the famous high street banks. There are a lot of lesser-known online banks such as Starling and Tide banks which are easy to navigate and are cheaper options.   BEST MOMENTS “He is asking for more powers to implement a two-year rent freeze in London as an emergency measure.” “This could have a big impact on the slowing down of house building.” “It is going to be interesting to see how the layout of houses will change.”       SUBSCRIBE TO THE A NEW INVESTMENT SERIES   Episode One: How to Perfectly Invest £10,000 | The Best Stocks | Property | Gold & Classic Cars Watch Live On The Progressive Property YouTube Channel Every Monday At 7 PM Tiny.cc/PPTV Listen To Audio Recordings On The Money Podcast bit.ly/moneypodcastitunes   ABOUT THE HOST   Kevin McDonnell is a Speaker, Author, Mentor & Professional Property Investor. He is an expert when it comes to creative property investment strategies. His book No Money Down: Property Invest talks about how to control and cash flow other people’s property to create financial freedom.     CONTACT METHOD   https://www.facebook.com/kevinMcDonnellProperty/   https://kevinmcdonnell.co.uk/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
11 min
The Money Podcast
The Money Podcast
Rob Moore
The 4 Levels of Your Earning Capacity (limited to limitless)
In today’s brief but impactful Money episode, Rob shares with you the four levels of wealth when it comes to the actions, implementations or strategies that you can leverage as an entrepreneur.  Learn more about each level and how to climb the ladder of wealth from labour to vision. Rob shares the strategies from his own successful organisations and the upsides and downsides of each level.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   The first level of wealth is labour - using your sweat, your brawn, grinding, hustling; basically being employed. Labour is the way the majority of the population earn their money. This has an effect on your earning capacity, it is unlikely you will earn more than £50,000 per year.   The next level is management. Managing people gives you leverage. Use the people you manage to earn revenue for yourself. Learn about the limitations of management and how it can become hard and overwhelming.   The third level is strategy. The more people you can earn from or that you directly impact and create jobs for, the more money you will earn than just using your own time.  You can create the plans and actions to change a company or brand that managers then pass down to the workers to implement.   The fourth and final level is Vision. Think Steve Jobs or Elon Musk! These people are visionaries; they create next-level ideas, taking us from local to national to global. Be prepared though, you can’t hide from anything.   BEST MOMENTS   “There are higher levels of wealth than you’re currently at”   “If the visionaries were the workers, they wouldn’t have time to create big ideas and solve the big problems and create the collaborations”   “Be prepared to take the downside to get the upside. If it means you get more critics along the way, be game for that.”   VALUABLE RESOURCES https://robmoore.com/ bit.ly/Robsupporter   ABOUT THE HOST Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestseller “Life Leverage” Host of UK’s No.1 business podcast “The Disruptive Entrepreneur”   “If you don't risk anything, you risk everything”   CONTACT METHOD Rob’s official website: https://robmoore.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robmooreprogressive/?ref=br_rs LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/robmoore1979 See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include: Menphys Charity / Just Giving page / TwinPetes Challenge Guest on the Twin Petes Investing podcast Kingfisher / KGF / Screwfix/ B&Q Franchise Brands / FRAN RBS now NWG Book recommendation, "Free Capital: How 12 Private Investors Made Millions in the Stock Market" ISA Millionaires Compounding Investments Sylvania Platinum / SLP Passive ETFs Mining stocks Healthcare IHCU Healthcare ETF Aviva / AV. Morrison Supermarket / MRW Gamma Communications / GAMA Commodity Super cycle Blackrock Worldwide Mining Trust / BRWM Rhodium / Catalytic converters Robert Walters / RWA SAP Software company SThree / STEM Emerging markets JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust / JMG Over confidence Stress Position sizing Compounding dividends Legal & General / LGEN Twilo / $TWLO Buy when others are fearful Psychology Polar Capital Holdings / POLR Oakley Capital Investments / OCI British American Tobacco / BATS Wireless / Telecoms Page Group / PAGE Empresaria / EMR Cloud Computing Software as a Service / SaaS Trading & More WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS PODCAST. IF YOU DID PLEASE SHARE IT ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA & WITH FRIENDS/ASSOCIATES YOU KNOW THAT HAVE AN INTEREST IN INVESTING OR TRADING STOCK/ SHARES. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE TO THIS PODCAST
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Pacey Performance Podcast
Pacey Performance Podcast
Robert Pacey
Conditioning vs fitness. A paradigm shift in professional football with Shayne Murphy (Performance Coach Consultant)
In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Performance Coach Consultant, Shayne Murphy. This episode is absolutely incredible! Case studies, reflections, challenging his own thoughts and beliefs, it had the lot. Shayne has a really interesting story, coming over from Ireland to go onto work at one of the biggest clubs in the world and then leaving just 18 months ago to be a full-time consultant. We cover developing quality movement in footballers, the transition from full-time employee to consultant as well as changing the way he think about rehab, and much more. In this episode we discussed... * Who is Shayne Murphy (background, education, and current role) * Consultancy v full-time * Lessons and reflections * Advice for others thinking about it * Human movement * How an S&C coach views 'good movement' vs a coach * Being guided by the style of play * Injuries * Energy leaks * Identifying where they are from profiling? * Hamstring rehabilitation case study * Identifying the problem, not focusing on the symptom * Conditioning v fitness * What is the difference * Designing sessions and drills to meet the demands of the game & style of play Shayne can be found on Twitter @SDMperformance This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Perch. Engineered at MIT, Perch uses small and mobile cameras to monitor and manage weight room performance without detracting from it. Perch is velocity based training. No strings attached. For exclusive deals and offers, tell them Rob sent you by going to pacey.perch.fit/. This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Hawkin Dynamics, the team behind the worlds only wireless force plate system. Hawkin Dynamics can be found at hawkindynamics.com and you can follow them on Twitter @hawkindynamics This episode is also sponsored by IMeasureU. IMeasureU are a world leading inertial platform to precisely quantify body movement and workload metrics in the field. IMeasureU can be found at imeasureu.com and you can follow them on Twitter @imeasureu. This episode is sponsored by BLK BOX, leaders in performance training equipment & facility design. BLK BOX manufacture and distribute a full range of strength training equipment across Europe from their Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland. BLK BOK can be found at blkboxfitness.com and you can follow them on Twitter @blkboxfitness and Instagram @blkboxfitness. This episode is also sponsored by Kitman Labs. Kitman partners with leading sports teams to achieve consistent success, on and off the pitch. Over 500 teams across the globe use Kitman Labs' Athlete Optimization System to simplify daily operations and rely on the company's unique analytics to uncover the factors that influence success. You can find Kitman Labs at kitmanlabs.com and on Twitter @kitmanlabs. Keep up to date with everything that is going on with the podcast by following on Twitter @strengthofsci or visiting strengthofscience.com Enjoy PP
1 hr 9 min
Property Magic Podcast
Property Magic Podcast
Simon Zutshi
Tenant Buyer Strategy (EXPLAINED!)
In this episode, Simon explains Tenant-Buyer Strategy. This works well for both experienced and new buyers. A great follow-on from the previous episode (66) where Simon talked about whether you should rent or buy your own home.   Listen in today for Simons knowledge and advice on this strategy, from both sides of the table!   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Being a ‘sandwich’ buyer can be a risky strategy and something Simon would not recommend. It’s much easier to do the Tenant-buyer Strategy that Simon talks about today, there is a lot less risk involved. A tenant buyer is someone who moves into a property to rent but is given the option to buy the property at a fixed price at a point in time. Becoming a tenant buyer is a great way to get your foot on the ladder. It can also be a way to ‘try before you buy’! Selling to a tenant buyer is great for experienced buyers who have properties they have decided aren’t the best investment for them anymore. Done it the right way you can make both sides happy. Keep it simple so it works for both the tenant-buyer and the owner, creating a win-win.   BEST MOMENTS   “I’ve done this on both sides” “Given enough time these problems will be solved” “It’s important to not be greedy and make it fair for everyone”     VALUABLE RESOURCES   If you would like to learn more about how you can use Purchase Lease Options you can join Simon for some Live online training by registering at www.PLOTraining.com   Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People's Time, Money and Experience by Simon Zutshi   To find your local pin meeting visit: www.PinMeeting.co.uk and use voucher code PODCAST to attend you first meeting as Simon's guest (instead of paying the normal £20). iphone:  http://bit.ly/pinAPP1 Android https://bit.ly/pinAPP2   Register at Mindset For Property at - www.mindsetforproperty.co.uk    ABOUT THE HOST   Simon Zutshi, experienced investor, successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, is widely recognised as one of the top wealth creation strategists in the UK. Having started to invest in property in 1995 and went on to become financially independent by the age of 32. Passionate about sharing his experience, Simon founded the property investor’s network (pin) in 2003www.pinmeeting.co.uk.    pin has since grown to become the largest property networking organisation in the UK, with monthly meetings in 50 cities, designed specifically to provide a supportive, educational and inspirational environment for people like you to network with and learn from other successful investors.   Since 2003, Simon has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners how to successfully invest in a tax-efficient way.  How to create additional streams of income, give them more time to do the things they want to do and build their long-term wealth. Simon’s book “Property Magic” which is now in its sixth edition, became an instant hit when first released in 2008 and remains an Amazon No 1 best-selling property book. Simon launched his latest business, www.CrowdProperty.com, in 2014, which is an FCA Regulated peer to peer lending platform to facilitate loans between private individuals and property professionals.   CONTACT METHOD   Contact and follow Simon here:   Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialSimonZutshi  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonzutshi/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SimonZutshiOfficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/simonzutshi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simonzutshi/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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The Brian Keane Podcast
The Brian Keane Podcast
Brian Keane
BONUS: Rebeccah O’ Rourke on What it REALLY Takes To Build An Online Personal Training Business!
Today’s bonus podcast is switching things up a little bit. Instead of talking all things health, fitness and mindset, we turn our attention to business; specially building an online personal training business.  If you’re a personal trainer, run a health and fitness business or want to move online in your area of expertise, this is the podcast for you.  This is a bounce back and forth episode going through our business models.   ·      Her journey for moving online  ·      The hardest thing about having an online business  ·      The best thing about having an online business  ·      How to rise above the noise and find your niche ·      The importance of expanding outside of social media to build a business  ·      The biggest mistakes we made and the things we both wished we had known before starting.  ·      How she runs her coaching and plans to expand in the fiture.      SHOWNOTES: Free course: = https://briankeanefitness.com/product/pros-and-cons-of-an-online-business/   Online business course: https://briankeanefitness.com/online-business-course/   Online Business Podcast: https://briankeanefitness.com/business-podcast/   Rebeccah’s other episodes:    https://briankeanefitness.com/podcast/278-rebeccah-o-rourke-on-food-for-fat-loss-reducing-bloating-and-workout-challenges/   https://briankeanefitness.com/podcast/216-rebeccah-o-rourke-on-crossfit-diet-and-handling-negative-people/
56 min
Empowered Beyond Pain
Empowered Beyond Pain
Kevin Wernli, Professor Peter O'Sullivan, Dr JP Caneiro
Episode 20: Surgery, the Ultimate Placebo, with surgeon Prof. Ian Harris for back pain fact 10
Surgery is often a consideration for many people with back pain, it's the top of the medical triangle, and many believe it will fix them. But Orthopaedic Surgeon, Scientist and Author, Professor Ian Harris, see's it differently. In this episode, he talks to Prof. Peter O'Sullivan, Dr JP Caneiro and Kevin Wernli about all things surgery, placebo, research and pain. We also hear the story of Steve, a 26year old who had disabling back pain for 6 years, was on strong opioids, had multiple surgeries including a spinal fusion, but was still battling. Fortunately, he found his way onto a study researching back pain that Kevin Wernli completed as part of his PhD. Key things discussed: - The effectiveness (or not) of spinal surgery. - Why there are such differences in outcomes in workers compensation patients. - Is pain all in your head? - Alarming rates of increasing surgery rates in the private sector vs public sector, and why that might be. - A call for better evidence (and who should fund it!). - The key question patients NEED to ask their healthcare professionals. Show notes available at https://www.bodylogic.physio/podcast A huge thanks to ABC and ABC 730 for granting us permission to use their content for educational purposes. Twitter handles @EBPPodcast @PeteOSullivanPT @JPCaneiro @KWernliPhysio *Peter O’Sullivan and JP Caneiro were awarded specialisation by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2005 and 2013 respectively. Theme music by Fervun and Cash. For educational purposes only. Produced by Kevin Wernli
1 hr 3 min
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