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Feb 18, 2020
Lead Pilot with Samantha Russell (CEO) | E109
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In this episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews returning guest Samantha Russell, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Twenty Over Ten. This time around, instead of discussing Twenty Over Ten, Samantha has come to talk about Lead Pilot, which is Twenty Over Ten’s content marketing platform for financial advisors. Samantha also explains inbound marketing, why it is so effective, and how inbound marketing differs from short-form marketing. 

Episode Highlights: 

● 00:50: – Samantha Russell defines Lead Pilot. 

● 02:43: – What led to the creation of Lead Pilot? 

● 04:27: – What is inbound marketing and why is it so effective? 

● 07:17: – You can’t expect results if you are not trying or doing the right things. 

● 09:16: – How does inbound marketing differ from short-form marketing? 

● 12:19: – Samantha provides advice for those that don’t think they have enough time for inbound marketing. 

● 15:35: – What types of content can people currate on Lead Pilot? 

● 18:01: – How is Lead Pilot reporting metrics back to advisors? 

● 19:52: – What content platforms are available for integrating and posting? 

● 20:30: – What amount of labor does an advisor have to put into Lead Pilot for it to work for them? 

● 24:00: – What else would Samantha Russell like people to know about Lead Pilot? 

● 25:11: – Is there something in the industry or the company that Samantha Russell would like to see change? 

● 26:02: – What has been the biggest challenge to getting Lead Pilot to where it is today? 

● 27:29: – What excites Samantha the most about what she is working on? 

3 Key Points 

1. Lead Pilot allows for content creation, landing pages for the dissemination of 

that content, social media scheduling, email marketing, and the gathering of your prospect’s data as they engage with the content. 

2. Inbound marketing involves providing as many answers and as much helpful 

information to anybody that wants it for free. Then those people absorb that information and come to you when they are ready to engage with your services. 

3. 70% of the buying decision is made online before the customers ever contact 


Tweetable Quotes: 

● “Lead Pilot is an inbound marketing platform that makes it easy for advisors to manage and automate all of their marketing messages in one place.” – Samantha Russell 

● “We really see the future of marketing in 2020 and this next decade consisting of two things, personalization and automation, and our platform allows advisors to handle both of those.” – Samantha Russell 

● “Quoting Michael Kitces here, he had a great quote where he said, ‘Would you hand over your life-savings to someone before looking them up on Google?’ And the answer is ‘no, absolutely not.’” – Samantha Russell 

Resources Mentioned: 

● Facebook – Jason Pereira’s 

● LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s 

● – Website

● Linkedin–Samantha Russell 

● – Website 

● Lead Pilot – Website 

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan–Book

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