2021 Intentions
Play • 37 min

It's a new year and we look ahead with our intentions and goals. Our conversation includes how we made time and mental space for new year planning, how we want to bring our intentions into our days, and messages of encouragement for our future selves.

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Naming What Matters in 2021 (The Lazy Genius)


Parenting Without Power Struggles

Gravity weighted blankets

Schwinn IC4 stationary bike



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Sorta Awesome
Sorta Awesome
Meg Tietz
Ep. 281 We're obsessed!
Do you love hearing what others are obsessed with because they make life SO much better? You have hit the jackpot! This week, Meg is joined by new Sorta Awesome regular Julie Tepperman, and they have crammed so much good stuff into this episode, you might be a little mind-blown by all of the awesome! From skin care to food and cooking to stuff for the family to love to gift ideas and more, this is a super-sized episode of fun stuff to discover! AND! If you want even more conversation with the four original Awesomes, go check out the Sorta Spicy series on Patreon. The newest episode in the series is called "Covid Confessions," and in it, you'll hear Meg, Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura share their most heartfelt confessions of how the Covid pandemic has impacted their private lives. This episode is exclusively available for our Super Star Patreon supporters! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Apostrophe: Go to apostrophe.com/AWESOME and use our code AWESOME for fifteen dollars off your first visit First Leaf: For six bottles of wine at $29.95 and free shipping, go to tryfirstleaf.com/awesome LinkedIn: Go to linkedin.com/AWESOME and get a $50 credit toward your first job post. Terms and conditions apply. Headspace: Go to headspace.com/AWESOME for a free one month trial SHOW NOTES: Meg’s AotW: The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert Starbuck’s medicine ball (now called honey citrus mint tea) Julie’s homemade medicine ball recipe: * 1 bag Teavana Jade Citrus Mint tea (or other citrus mint tea like Tazo Zen) * 1 bag Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea (or other peach flavored tea) * 2 T honey * 8 oz hot water * 8 oz steamed lemonade (I microwave mine) * Optional but not necessary – one pump peppermint syrup Heat your water and lemonade either separately or together, put in your tea bags and honey, let it steep for a few minutes and enjoy! Pamela Salzman website, Pamela Salzman Quicker than Quick cookbook, Pamela Salzman recipe for Greek sheet pan chicken with lemon and potatoes Merben Dry brush CND Rescue Rx Self expression cards Last defense board game Jenny Boston leggings (might be sold out) Pilates – the balanced life sisterhood on YouTube Shinola journals Skylight digital photo frame Boba tea: Boba Explained: A Taxonomy of Taipei’s Bubble Tea Pioneer Woman hard boiled eggs No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation SPF 15 Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow, Skinlights Homitem Men Slippers Memory Foam Moccasin Slipper for Men Fleece Lined House Shoes with Anti-Slip Indoor Outdoor Ham&Sam Men's Robe Knit Bamboo Cotton 100% Wolf movie Thumbtack App Airpods Pro You can find Meg on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Find Julie on Instagram and Facebook! Visit sortaawesomeshow.com for show notes on this and every episode. And don’t forget to find us in the Sorta Awesome Hangout on Facebook or @sortaawesomeshow on Instagram, and @sortaawesomepod on Twitter!
1 hr 14 min
ABA Inside Track
ABA Inside Track
Robert Parry-Cruwys
Episode 157 - Higher-Order Thinking in Higher Education w/ Dr. Darlene Crone-Todd
When you get to higher education, you should learn something more than facts, right? Shouldn’t you learn how to use those facts to solve new and exciting problems? This week, Dr. Darlene Crone-Todd breaks out the scaffolding and shares her research on how to define and plan for teaching higher-order thinking skills. For students of all ages, if you’re responsible for teaching others, there’s something here for you. This episode is available for 1.0 LEARNING CEU. Articles discussed this episode: Crone-Todd, D.E., Pear, J.J., & Read, C.N. (2000). Operational definitions for higher-order thinking objectives at the post-secondary level. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 4, 99-106. Crone-Todd, D.E. & Pear, J.J. (2001). Application of Bloom’s taxonomy to PSI. The Behavior Analyst Today, 2, 204-210. doi: 10.1037/h0099931 Pear, JJ., Crone-Todd, D.E., Wirth, K.M., & Simister, H.D. (2001). Assessment of thinking levels in students’ answers. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 5, 94-99. Crone-Todd, D.E. (2007). Assessment of thinking in adult learners. Behavioral Development Bulletin, 13, 43-46. doi: 10.1037/h0100500 If you're interested in ordering CEs for listening to this episode, click here to go to the store page. You'll need to enter your name, BCBA #, and the two episode secret code words to complete the purchase. Email us at abainsidetrack@gmail.com for further assistance.
1 hr 22 min
The Big Boo Cast
The Big Boo Cast
Melanie Shankle & Sophie Hudson
The Big Boo Cast, Episode 224
It seems like it's been forever since we last said these words, but college baseball season is here! On this episode we talk about opening weekend for the Aggies and the Bulldogs, and we also discuss our weekend outings to the State / Alabama women's basketball game (me) and the San Antonio rodeo (Mel). Plus, Mel shares some ways we can all jump in and help Texans who are recovering from last week's ice storm. AND. This week we get to spend some time talking with author Elizabeth Passarella. I mentioned her new book, Good Apple, on the podcast a few weeks ago (you may remember that I loved it), and Melanie and I were so excited to get to visit with her. You'll hear part of the conversation on this episode - the rest a few weeks down the road - and you are going to love her. Melanie and I had both talked to her for about three minutes when we realized that it felt like we've known her forever. Hope y'all enjoy! - Our Amazon Shop (http://amazon.com/shop/bigboo) - Become a Patron! (http://patreon.com/bigboo) Show Notes: - How to Help Texas: San Antonio Food Bank (https://safoodbank.org/) , Houston Food Bank (https://www.houstonfoodbank.org/) , North Texas Food Bank (https://ntfb.org/) , West Texas Food Bank (https://wtxfoodbank.org/) - Mississippi State's new baseball uniforms with the "State" script (https://twitter.com/HailStateBB/status/1363579379511685126) (NBD but these might just be the best looking baseball uniforms in the country) - Elizabeth Passarella (https://www.elizabethpassarella.com/) - Good Apple by Elizabeth Passarella (https://amzn.to/3qM1SOa) (it's really wonderful!) - Rendevouz (https://hogsfly.com/) - Corky's BBQ (https://www.corkysbbq.com/locations/memphis) - Payne's Bar-B-Que (https://www.yelp.com/biz/paynes-bar-b-que-memphis) - Levain Bakery (https://levainbakery.com/) - Roku streaming stick (https://rstyle.me/+3X7vq-SFhL-zpcSZbiLMSw) - YouTube TV (https://tv.youtube.com/welcome/) - Quilty weighted blanket (https://rstyle.me/+b8rubVk-hQENZoR11Vs8jQ) - 32 oz. deli food storage containers (https://rstyle.me/+LfplVAEfkb0ODIquoHnGtg) - milk frother (https://rstyle.me/+CA5nB_RrzXKiTmqAiF2_Tw) - Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed (https://rstyle.me/+D15jxNUILXPPYsozgp0FxA) Dessicated (https://rstyle.me/+D15jxNUILXPPYsozgp0FxA) Beef Liver (https://rstyle.me/+D15jxNUILXPPYsozgp0FxA) Sponsors: - Best Fiends (download on the Apple App Store or Google Play) - Prose (http://prose.com/bigboo) (use this link for your free in-depth hair quiz and 15% off your first order) - FabFitFun (http://fabfitfun.com) (use promo code BIGBOO for $10 off your first box) - KiwiCo (http://kiwico.com) (use promo code BIGBOO for 30% off your first month and free shipping)
1 hr 2 min
The My Little Eater Podcast
The My Little Eater Podcast
Edwena Kennedy
#43: The Best Bread for Baby Led Feeding
In this episode, I’m going very specific and sharing my top recommendations for choosing the best bread for your baby! Believe it or not, I actually get asked this question A LOT! Bread can contain a lot of sodium, and some even have harmful ingredients for babies, such as honey, so choosing the right type of bread can be tricky. Plus, have you been in the bakery aisle lately - there’s literally hundreds of choices! I’m not only sharing my expert recommendations on what breads I prefer for babies (I’ll share specific brands I love), but I’m also talking about what to look for in the ingredients in case you can’t find exactly the ones I recommend. AND I’m going to share how to safely serve bread to your baby. Hint-hint: you cannot serve fresh bread to a 6 month old! If you get value from this episode, please remember to subscribe, rate and review it at Apple Podcasts. And please share this episode with a friend who’s starting the solids journey with their baby! Additional Resources: If you’re looking for my top recommendations on how to safely serve all types of foods to your baby, and for all the info on nutrition for your baby, introducing allergens, gagging vs. choking, and more - it’s time to enroll in my Baby Led Feeding online course! My newly revamped version just released, and for the first 30 days, you’ll get access to a 30 day meal plan where I show you exactly what to serve your baby (with over 60 recipes) and the plan takes into account allergens, high iron sources, omega 3’s, and texture progression to ease you into this journey! After March 25th, 2021 that bonus will cost extra, so enroll now to save! (https://courses.mylittleeater.com/babyledfeeding) ALL ABOUT BREAD: https://mylittleeater.com/all-about-bread-for-babies/ INTRODUCING ALLERGENS: https://mylittleeater.com/introducinghighlyallergenicfoods/ BEST FIRST FOODS FOR BABY: https://mylittleeater.com/11-my-top-8-foods-for-starting-solids/ HOW TO TOAST BREAD: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFUho6MFH-Z/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @mylittleeater Skip To… When can I introduce bread? (3:08) Best types of bread for babies (4:00) What ingredients to look for in bread (6:17) My favourites! (10:13) How to serve bread (12:28)
21 min
The Popcast With Knox and Jamie
The Popcast With Knox and Jamie
Knox and Jamie / Wondery
391: Book to Movie/TV Adaptations
In this episode, we discuss book adaptations: the good, the bad, the should, and the please don’t. Whether you believe the book is always better than the film or if you prefer to watch the movie before reading the source material (like Jamie and Harry Potter), this conversation will give you plenty to add to your movie queue and must-reads list. MENTIONS * Prove your love to us: how about some PMG merch?   * Cruella trailer | book: The One Hundred And One Dalmatians (1956)  * Fact check: Stephen King hated Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining * Side road: Jurassic Park- 7 Difference Between The Book And The Movie * The Great Gatsby: book | movie (2013) * High Fidelity: book | movie | tv series * The Lovely Bones: book | movie * Annihilation: book | movie  * No Country For Old Men: book | movie * Soundtracks and scores that elevate adaptations: Memoirs of a Geisha | Into the Wild | The Social Network | Gone Girl | The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  * Friday Night Lights: book | movie | tv series * Big Little Lies: book | tv series * Watchmen: book series | movie | tv series * Things we want to be movies: A Confederacy of Dunces | A Separate Peace | The Secret History | The Fortunate Ones | American Wife | Greek Mythology Cinematic Universe | One Hundred Years of Solitude | Their Eyes Were Watching God | a gritty Where’s Waldo    * President portrayals: Billy Bob Torton in Love Actually | John Travolta in True Colors  * Books we don’t want to be adapted: The Night Circus | Girl, [series] | Paradise Lost | Love You Forever | Catcher in the Rye  * Odds and Ends: Glynnon Doyle memoir to be adapted for a tv series | Rosanne Barr “sings” the national anthem (risky click of the day) * Look at all our green light books! Many of these are being adapted, which just proves we have incredible taste in books, you guys. THE BACHELORETTE EPISODE RECAPS We recap each episode of The Bachelorette for our Friends of the Show at Patreon. Support at either Friend level gets you our weekly recaps dropped into your podcast app every Tuesday. Go to knoxandjamie.com/patreon to support the show. And thank you! BONUS SEGMENT Our Patreon supporters can get full access to this week’s The More You Know news segment. Become a partner. This week we discuss:  * The Popcast tour status * Dave Ramsey’s house for sale * Kim and Kanye * Regé-Jean Page on SNL GREEN LIGHTS * Mutual - Nomadland: book | movie (Hulu) * Jamie – The Black Church : book | tv series (PBS) * Knox – Flora and Ulysses: book | movie (Disney+) SHOW SPONSORS * Noom: Learn how to get healthy. Sign up for a trial at noom.com/pop. * BetterHelp: Therapy, made accessible. Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/popcast. * Rothy’s: Sustainable style done differently. Learn more at rothys.com/pop. * Best Fiends: Collect cute characters and solve thousands of fun puzzles. Download for free. Subscribe to Episodes: iTunes | Android  Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter: http://www.knoxandjamie.com/newsletter Follow Us: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Support Us: Monthly Donation | One-Time Donation | Swag
1 hr
Life Handmade by Scrapbook.com
Life Handmade by Scrapbook.com
Your Top Die Cutting Questions Answered
On this episode of Life Handmade, we are chatting about all things die-cutting! We share the difference in machines, what products are needed, and how you can get started die-cutting! Join Stephanie and Melissa as they respond to some of our most frequently asked questions about die cutting. * More Info on the Life Handmade Podcast  * Subscribe * Scrapbook.com: Store and Community for Crafters * Article: The Ultimate Guide to Die Cutting * Article: Top Die Cutting Questions & Answers * Article: Don't Buy a Die Cutting Machine Until You've Read This * FREE Class: The Best Beginner Die Cutting Class Ever with Carissa Wiley * FREE Class: Master Your Die Cutting Machine with Debbie Farinella * FREE Class: Die Cutting Artistry with Jane Davenport * Shop all Die Cutting Machines * Steel-Ruled Dies * Shop Small Die Cutting Machines: * We R Memory Keepers - Mini Evolution * Crafter's Companion - Gemini Mini * Sizzix - Tim Holtz Sidekick * Shop all Dies * Magnetic Sheets: * Crafter’s Companion - Large Magnetic Panels * Sizzix - Tim Holtz Magnetic Sheets 2.75x3.75 * Sizzix - Tim Holtz Magnetic Sheets 8.75x5.5 * Totally Tiffany - 5x7 * Scrapbook.com Storage Envelopes Collection * Nested Rectangle Die * Nested Circle Die * Nested Square Die * Cardstock Paper Pads * Mint Tape * Alphabet Die Sets * Shop all die cutting alphabet and numbers * Scrapbook.com Sentiment Dies * Shop all Phrases & Expressions Dies * Cover Plate Dies * Nested Tag Die
31 min
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