Front Line Impressions of the Debate About Energy and Climate with Stephen Lacey, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Post Script Media
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There’s so much to keep track of across the world of renewables and de-carbonization, that it pays to listen to someone whose entire job is to do just that.

That’s why we invited Stephen Lacey onto this episode of the Siemens Energy Podcast. Stephen is the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Post Script Media, which helps organizations make compelling audio. He makes some of that compelling audio himself at The Carbon Copy, a weekly news analysis podcast that explains the changing planet through the lens of current events. He has also hosted The Interchange and The Energy Gang, podcasts focused on climate and energy and the ecosystems, both physical and virtual, around them.

Host Amy Pempel starts the conversation by asking Stephen about the good and the bad news regarding renewables. He is bullish on the amount of investment and size of projects currently underway and the consequent effect of much cheaper renewable energy much sooner than expected. As to the bad, Stephen notes that we are starting to see the limits of the grid, and hence more work is needed in batteries, and energy sources like nuclear need to be more strongly considered. 

Amy and Stephen also discuss:

  • The need for greater speed in decarbonization
  • Why we shouldn’t wait for a “miracle technology” to solve climate change
  • How Germany paved the way for (and paid for) efficient and less expensive solar energy

You’ll also hear why Stephen believes it’s important not to be ideological about energy.

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