Taking Care In The Time of Coronavirus
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“Restriction kindles creativity; and crisis the opportunity for growth.”
Rich Roll

A diversion from my typical format, today I sit down with my wife Julie Piatt to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

For those unfamiliar, Julie is an accomplished yogi, healer, musician, and mom to our four children. She is the author of three bestselling vegan cookbooks and hosts both the For The Life of Me podcast and Water Tiger, her online spiritual community. In addition, she is the founder and ‘Mother Arc’ of SriMu, her recently launched plant-based cheese start-up.

This is a conversation about exercising care and self-care as we delicately wade through these most unprecedented waters.

It's about replacing fear, anxiety and uncertainty with acceptance. Surrender. Creativity. Faith. And self-inquiry.

It's about navigating calamity with grace. Finding the opportunity in crisis.

It's about leaning into what is to reflect more deeply on our lives. And mindful response over reflexive reaction.

And finally, it's about seizing sequestration to contemplate a better path forward for ourselves, future generations, and the planet.

Without minimizing the severity of what is and what is to come, may we come together now -- in this virtual space -- to grow.

Because we’re in this together. And together we are stronger.

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May you find comfort in this exchange.

Peace + Plants,

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