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Today I introduce you to the vocal legend Joseph Williams, who was and is again the main frontman of one of the biggest US rock bands of the last 40 years: We're talking about TOTO. We know hits like “Stop Loving You” or “Pamela” or of course “I'll Be Over You” out of his mouth - and since the reunion in 2010 he has also enchanted lots of other band classics with his buttery soft voice. After an intense last world tour, TOTO was planned to call it finally quits. The Classic Lineup had been reduced further and further due to health restrictions and tragedies. But his bandmate Steve Lukather, whom we will hear in the next episode, and Joseph just wanted to add another round, and they both have set up a new, completely renewed TOTO band that wants to march off right after the end of this pandemic.

In the meantime, Williams and guitarist Lukather have both worked on solo records and have also contributed to each other's album. Two records that pick up the essence of the TOTO sound, but couldn't be more different.

 While Luke's album was recorded live and roughly with musician friends including Ringo Starr, Joe takes us on a perfect sound journey full of warm vocal harmonies and opens our ears to a great widescreen sound in Cinemascope.

 The apple didn't fall far from the tree here, as he is the son of the legendary film music composer John Williams, to whom we owe the music of Star Wars and Harry Potter as well as the soundtracks of Steven Spielberg's greatest films, among other things. I'm sure you got these melodies right away. On the other hand, Joseph also included his two grown daughters on this album called “Denizen Tenant”. Die album is available also here:

I caught Joseph Williams at his workplace in the home studio and wish you a entertaining time while listening to our conversation.

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