Quick Win CEO
Quick Win CEO
Mar 17, 2021
#14: How to make technology personal - With Penny Power OBE
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First Imagine going through this pandemic without the internet. It’s like a story from a dystopian movie. But we do have the internet and it’s enabled you to talk to your family and see their faces, order food straight to your door or work collaboratively with your work colleagues. We’re in a world where the internet has brought people together through tribes but also created echo chambers. These are the thoughts of Penny Power OBE, co-founder of Ecademy, the first social media platform for business established in 1998. Penny gives us a glimpse into the rise and fall of a tech business and how she desperately tried to cling on to her belief that business should be personal. Penny never let go of this belief and has now authored a book, Business is Personal. We also talk about how technology has been used in a cold unfriendly way and that it doesn’t have to be that way.

So here we go, Penny Power.

I'm Chris O'Hare your Quick Win CEO, as a CEO I've run businesses, founded startups, consultant for others and even won awards. But in this show, we'll be talking to entrepreneurs and experts to help you understand key concepts for your business along with 3 quick wins that you can take away and apply to your business today. Every week we'll be finding out about the entrepreneur themselves and diving into a different but important topic.

You can tell Penny has prevailed from some bumps in the road, it’s a great story. What did you think of Penny’s Quick Wins?

Quick Win Number 1, Invest your time into finding about your values, how you take care of yourself and understanding your character. Write down a list of things or people that make you feel happy or unhappy, motivated or stressed. Have the courage to embrace change.

Quick Win Number 2, Start noticing your happy moments throughout your day.

Quick Win Number 3, Surround yourself with a small community where you never have to pretend, either find one or build one.

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But Until Next time, I’m your Quick Win CEO.

Signing out.


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