Vanja Banks
I'm Vanja, Astrologer, Floral Artist + Yoga Teacher. I coach people how to balance their masculine + feminine energies through plants, planets (astrology) + yoga.   If you feel burnt out, out of sync, are struggling to understand your soul's purpose or what you're meant to do or share in this life - and are not sure how or where to begin to find more flow + peace, this is the place for you.  I provide my community with a variety of services and products, such as moon circles, yoga classes, meditations, breathwork, astrology readings, spiritual coaching, herbalism musings + rituals, as well as hand-crafted astro-herbalism ritual tools, to help them find more alignment, authenticity, and balance in their lives. My tools and services help you connect with and nurture your feminine/yin energy through connecting with the Moon's energy in your natal astrology chart as well as reclaiming your authentic self + finding alignment through astrology + ritual. In a masculine/yang dominated society, we generally lack feminine/yin energy, which is crucial in order to stay connected to our intuition, to be able to flow with the Universe and to be able to manifest in our lives. My Lunar Teas are small-batch, handcrafted and over 80% organic. They are a dual-purpose product (bath tea + drinking tea) based on the ancient principles of astro-herbology, which teach us that all living things (including plants) mirror certain energies in the cosmos. Therefore, each tea uses this principle to help you balance out the light and shadow expressions of the Moon in each sign + help you cultivate balance through ritual. #astrologyisthenewselfcare Learn more and book a reading at . Don't forget to use the code "ASTROBLOOMPOD" for 10% OFF Follow along for astrology updates, herbalism, yoga classes and more: and on YouTube Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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