Meet The Leader
Meet The Leader
Jan 31, 2023
How 12 leaders focus on what really matters
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At the Annual Meeting in Davos this year, we asked CEOs, activists and civil society leaders how leaders can prioritize what really matters despite a swirl of challenges: an energy crisis, a food crisis, geopolitical conflict, a potential economic downturn, and more. They shared their strategies and secrets -- from how they make time in their calendars and unlock 'people power', to how they tap 'unhealthy impatience'. Learn the 'tells' that reveal you're building momentum and the tough questions you must ask yourself to ensure your actions are really laddering up to your values. 

In this episode: 

Roy Jacobs, CEO, Royal Philips; Harmony Jade Wayner, vice-chair, Arctic Youth Network; Deborah Braide, sustainable energy leader and researcher, E-Guide; John Schultz, Chief Operating Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Blake Scholl, founder and CEO, Boom Supersonic; Alyssa Auberger, Chief Sustainability Officer, Baker Mackenzie; Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of Transparency International; Lynn Martin, president of NYSE Group; Geraldine Matchett, co-CEO and CFO, Royal DSM; Alex Liu, managing partner and chairman, Kearney; Becky Frankiewicz, Chief Commercial Officer, Manpower Group, Inc.; Dr. Andrew Steer, president and CEO, Bezos Earth Fund.

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