Overcome Genetics & Optimize Your Epigenetics With an Evidence-Based Lifestyle | Dr. James Chestnut
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Join Nick Urban and Dr. James Chestnut in simplifying the health and wellness world. Get the expert's views on how to live a simple balanced lifestyle that can transform your health and prevent medical interventions. Learn about the role genetics, environment, movement, and nutrition play in our quest for a well-balanced life.

Meet our guest
Dr. James L. Chestnut, a pioneer in lifestyle-centric healthcare, holds degrees in Physical Education, Exercise Physiology, and Chiropractic. His research in neuromuscular responses to strength training has advanced the field. As an internationally recognized expert, his books and lectures on evidence-based lifestyle and wellness reach global audiences. He's played leadership roles in the International Chiropractors Association, served as an Adjunct Professor at the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, and founded Innate Choice, an evidence-based supplement company. Dr. Chestnut has also developed influential clinical intervention protocols and is the first healthcare practitioner awarded a U.S. O-Visa for his expertise. His mission: promoting healthier lifestyle choices for enhanced well-being.

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Key takeaways

  • How to manage allostatic load, and understand its function for optimal health
  • The power of lifestyle choices and how they can help balance genetic propensities for illness
  • Why physiological changes like cholesterol levels and blood pressure are not due to defects but are adaptations to environmental demands
  • How getting enough essential nutrients, avoiding toxins, and having gratitude and joy in life are foundations for well-being


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