A Battle of Two Worlds and Mentorship Above Milestones with Cory Brown
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It’s not often that a blog post sets the internet on fire. But a recent post by Cory Brown about async/await led to an uproar and even messages of pity from Hacker News. Who knew a simple post about pattern preferences would cause such controversy? 

Today, Cory’s here to explain his side of the story for those happily using async/await in various concurrency patterns. Luckily, Cory believes, to each their own, and even welcomes responses from developers like Eric Elliott and Robbie as important food for thought. So which universe do you prefer? Object-oriented or functional?

In this episode, Cory talks with Chuck and Robbie about why he prefers promise to async/await, his response to Robbie’s weekly rant on classes, what really makes an engineer “senior”, how every tech team should operate, and why Cory recently chose to learn Scottish Gaelic.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:40] - A brief introduction to Cory.
  • [01:19] - A whiskey review.
  • [08:39] - Cory’s controversial opinion on async/await patterns.
  • [18:56] - How Cory views classes and his defense of Hooks.
  • [29:54] - Why time matters with engineer seniority.
  • [42:00] - A Dr. Pepper and obscure language-themed whatnot. 


[26:27] - “I’ve already seen ideas from the object-oriented world come in and benefit the functional world. And vice versa — the functional world come in and really benefit the object-oriented world. So I don't want to see either of them go away even as I choose to essentially wholly live on one side.” ~ Cory Brown

[37:10] - “If you have any hope of going to whatever your next job is and entering a codebase that is at all reasonable, then we need to start training our junior engineers. And unfortunately, businesses are not investing in that for whatever reason so it’s on us to do that.” ~ Cory Brown

[40:24] - “A large chunk of the last several years of my career has been a diminished focus on producing stuff directly and more in enabling others to produce more quickly.” ~ Cory Brown


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