What is a Good Life? #9 - Expressing and Being Yourself with Jonny Camara
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On the ninth episode of the “What is a Good Life?” podcast, I am joined by Jonny Camara.

In this episode Jonny takes us through his journey of growing up in Belfast to an Irish mother and a Senegalese father, from repressing parts of himself to reclaiming them, from pain and suffering to creativity and connection, and ultimately to finding the trust and courage to being himself and understanding what he wants, and what matters, in life.

Jonny is a Leadership Development Strategist and Coach, who’s path of suffering, self-inquiry, and alignment, is also serving as inspiration to his burgeoning screenwriting and acting endeavours.

Having interviewed 150+ people around this question to date, if I had to name one thing that leads people to being more themselves, or to figuring out what they want in life, then suffering, or periods of struggle, would be it. This conversation with Jonny provides an inspiring example of this observation.

Running Order: 

01:40 How do I use all of my talents?

05:25 Suffering leading to play & creativity

08:20 Allowing our complexity to emerge

10:10 Journaling

13:05 The need for self-expression

15:40 Growing up in a predominantly white environment

19:45 Seeking belonging

26:10 What stories do we attach to our difference?

30:10 Deconstructing the lens through which we view life

33:10 Turning pain into expression

37:25 The pain of facing racism

41:02 Stories to connect our humanity

45:42 Reclaiming oneself

48:30 Letting go & self-compassion

50:32 “I hope you never find out who you are”

53:38 What is a good life for Jonny?

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- My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-mccartney-14b0161b4/

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- Jonny's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonny--camara/

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