Episode 10 : You've Always Had The Power Within You - Vasavi Kumar
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Free Guide : 10 Must-Have Habits of Ultra-Confident Women

Want to learn what it takes to go from being a people pleaser to a confident self-lover? Learn the habits of high performing women who put themselves first, and still make a difference in the lives of others.

Hi, I’m Vasavi, Licensed therapist with a dual Masters degrees in Special Education and Social Work.  I’m first-generation Indian-American and grew up in a traditional Hindu household on Long Island, New York. Living and going to school in a predominantly all-White town, I struggled with: figuring out my unique identity, the mental heartache of bullying, and shame from outshining the other students in my class due to my strict upbringing and focus on academics. Back then, I longed for acceptance, and believed that I had to dumb myself down in order to fit in, and be welcomed into social circles.

I’m often asked, “How have you been able to get back up no matter what you’ve gone through?”

I am here to help you heal. When you work with me, I help you uncover YOUR way to get BACK up, no matter what you go through.

I believe that when you know yourself, you can do, be, and have anything you want.  As YOU grow through what you go through, don’t forget to check in with yourself. Keep getting to know you.  In order for me to be in the present, I had to be honest about the evolution of self.  From my own mental health illness, divorce, addiction and RECOVERY, I’ve learned that missteps and wrong turns don’t break my love of self. You have the power to overcome your rock bottom moments successfully, and come out the other side stronger.  I am here to help you heal.  I’ve been there.  Now I am present, I am Vasavi.

Free Guide : 10 Must-Have Habits of Ultra-Confident Women

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