This Indie Life
This Indie Life
Nov 26, 2022
7: $2k wallet sales; $5k course sales in a day
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James has had a massive week making £1,600 in a day selling leather wallets, Dago has success with black friday sales and we finally get to the bottom of how you pronounce niche.

Get Dago's course here 👈

What we covered in this episode:

  • Dago took some time off
  • How to pronounce Niche
  • Black friday sales
  • Meme of the week
  • James’ £1,600 in one day in wallet sales
  • How to capitalise on growth
  • James' newspaper ad
  • New Indie Bites art

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About Dagobert
Previously a money-chasing software engineer, but now building his own startup with his wife, Logology (that's the name of the startup, not his wife). It took them more than two years just to build a product and had to use most of our savings just to survive. They launched it and got almost no sales, pushing him to learn marketing. Last year, after some experiments, he found a marketing channel that worked by using Twitter. Now he has 45k followers and the business is finally going. As of the start of this pod, his business is on $3k p/m, with a goal to reach $5k p/m to avoid dwindling savings and to pay themselves a salary.

About James
James left his cushty full-time job marketing job in April 2021. Since then, he's been hacking together income from his other podcast, Indie Bites, and podcast editing service, Pod Panda. The podcast does around $1k p/m in sponsor revenue and Pod Panda makes $2k p/m. But with a $4-5k burn every month, he's digging a very deep hole. James' goal is to get to around $10k per month across his products, get myself out of that hole and have fun while doing it. 

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