#49 - SAP TedTalk: Transforming Sales with Dr Philip Squire
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Recently, Dr Phil had the pleasure of being invited to share his expertise in the sales industry in a special TedTalk hosted by Waldemar Adams, Global SVP, SAP Customer Success COO Office. 

Look forward to:

[8:10] Culture and strategy 

[13:30] The top 10% and their values and belief systems

[19:27] The hierarchy of values

[27:38] Is it possible to change someone's values and belief systems?


Dr Phil leads an insightful presentation on transforming sales to sales leaders in a TedTalk organised by Steffen Sajonz, and Moderated by Waldemar Adams.

Using a quote from Dr Wilkinson on the negative effect forcibly changing the habitat of Ascension Island has had, Dr Phil seamlessly connects this to sales culture and the role culture plays in sales performance.


“In the sales world, if we're making the connection, rather than trying to improve sales environment by force, by the way in which we manage and target and count and stick people, the best approach might be to work with salespeople to help them find their own way.”


Dr Phil also talks about culture and strategy and how they may link together. Are sales leaders looking for change or do they want to transform? This, according to Dr Phil, really starts with the problem that they want to solve. Does it require quick changes or long-term transformation?

Listen to the full episode to get some great insight and understanding of the list of negative and positive mindsets of salespeople, and well as some background details on Dr Phil's doctoral research.


So, what do you think is more important, culture or strategy? Do you think a salesperson’s values and beliefs can be changed?


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