Organic Vision Podcast (OV廣播)
Organic Vision
即時收聽Organic Vision工作室的podcast!我們誠邀您一起收聽有關健康和營養的討論。 這將包括對於淨食的深入分析、如何維持健康的生活方式、排毒、當中涉及什麼、對身體的好處,以及個人發展的小貼士。我們致力為您提供最準確和最新經科學支持的健康信息,讓您學會更好地照顧自己的身體、情感和心理。 Organic Vision的座右銘是幫助所有人通過一個完善的個人發展計劃不斷提升自己,成為最好的自己。我們的podcast將為您提供小貼士和不同的資料,令您生活得更自信和積極,從內到外感覺更加良好。 Bringing to you live from the studios of Organic Vision - our very own podcast channel! We invite you to dive into eye opening educational discussions on health and nutrition. This will include in depth analyses of eating clean, how to sustain a healthy lifestyle, detoxing, what it involves and how it works to heal our bodies, as well as tips on personal development. We strive to offer you the most accurate, latest scientifically backed information on health, so that you can learn to take care of yourself better physically, emotionally and mentally. Organic Vision’s motto is to help everyone become the best version of themselves, and to constantly improve ourselves through a great personal development program. Our podcast will offer you tips and resources to gain more self-confidence and positivity, to feel good from the inside out.
Organic Vision Podcast  (OV廣播)
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