The Magnificast
The Magnificast
Nov 27, 2020
Class Reduction is Bad
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Last week on the show, we talked a lot about class and why we need to know about it. This week, we're talking about the shortcomings of ONLY talking about class. We're bringing you an episode full of ideas to complicate vulgar marxism and class reduction. If you want to know how capitalism works you also need some way of understanding intersection modes of oppression.

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It's Not Just In Your Head
It's Not Just In Your Head
It's Not Just In Your Head
#026: Healing ourselves by fighting gentrification and slumification... and can we abolish rent completely? (ft. tenant organizer Talia Smith)
Millions of tenants are at risk of being thrown out onto the street this year due to the covid-19 eviction moratoria being lifted federally and throughout different states and regions. The mental health field is ill-equipped to conceptualize any way to treat such widespread and looming trauma, and the world of tenant organizing might have something to teach us. Could it be possible that building solidarity through tenant organizing within buildings, across buildings, throughout neighborhoods, can prevent trauma and increase social bonds? In speaking with Talia Smith, tenant organizer with Omaha Tenants United and Autonomous Tenants Union Network, we came to think that tenant organizing could very well be a modality of healing just as much as psychotherapy can be. Talia explains what might motivate ordinary people to show up to confront police to stop fellow tenants from being evicted, and what can help overcome fear and social anxiety when asking neighbors to sign a demand letter and mail it to a landlord. What collective courage is necessary to go on a rent strike? What internal psychological mechanisms are at play that can transform neighbors from complete strangers who are suspicious and distrustful of one another, to comrades and friends who dedicate their lives to fighting for each other? Email us with your reactions to this episode at Support our podcast at to get access to early releases of full episodes and other patron-only perks. Tenants United Podcast: Omaha Tenants United: Autonomous Tenants Union Network: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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