Breaking the Chains of Employment & Pursuing Entrepreneurship - Dan Claps, Christian Dadulak
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In this episode of the podcast titled "I Fired My Boss," Dan and Christian chat with Michael Derek, a multi-brand franchise owner. The episode focuses on Michael's journey into franchising and his experiences as a franchisee. Michael shares his story of how he transitioned from being a teacher to becoming a successful franchise owner. He talks about his initial encounter with Tim Hortons, a franchise brand, and how he saw potential in it despite his initial reservations. Michael discusses the challenges and triumphs he faced while expanding his franchise portfolio, including the importance of building a strong team and making strategic partnerships. He also reflects on the impact of corporate changes on his franchise business and the fight to protect his profitability. Overall, the episode provides an informative and candid account of Michael's franchise journey, highlighting both the positives and negatives of franchise ownership.

This episode of the "I Fired My Boss" podcast features guest Michael Derek, a seasoned franchise owner with multiple brands. Hosted by Dan Claps and co-host Christian Dadulak, the episode delves into Michael's entrance into franchising and his career as a franchisee. Michael shares his unique path, starting from his teaching background and his initial doubts about franchise ownership. He recounts the pivotal moment when he discovered Tim Hortons and the decision to invest in the brand. The episode covers the challenges faced by Michael during his expansion, such as managing multiple locations and dealing with personnel issues. Michael's experience with the changing landscape of the franchise industry, including corporate transitions and profitability concerns, adds a dose of reality to the discussion. Through Michael's story, listeners gain valuable insights into the highs and lows of franchise ownership and the importance of adaptability and perseverance in the face of challenges.

Welcome to the I Fired My Boss Franchise podcast, hosted by Dan Claps and Christian Dadulak. Dan Claps is the founder and CEO of Franchise Playbook, a franchise or platform that creates, owns and operates dynamic franchise brands in the mobile services space. His life's goal is to help people just like you fire their boss and become a business owner. Christian Dadulak is a top franchise consultant and co-founder of Real Franchising, a leading franchise consulting firm. And together they're on a mission to help people fire their boss, hire themselves, and live the American dream through franchise ownership.

If you want to fire your boss, make sure you head on over to and fill out the form to schedule a no-cost consultation. And if you enjoyed this episode, make sure to subscribe, leave a review and share with a friend who might also want to fire their boss.

The I Fired My Boss Podcast is a huge supporter of the International Franchise Association (IFA). If you are a fan of franchising and have an interest in joining the franchise community, the IFA is a great place to start! Learn more here:

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