What Do We Do Now?
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From the Austin Community College Honors Program and Office of Sustainability's Earth Week celebrations, in Austin, TX, Earth Day, 2022: "What do we do now?" presented by Chris Searles, director of BioIntegrity.net. [Watch the Zoom video of this podcast on Facebook or YouTube.] 

This Zoom is QUITE noisy for the first 5 minutes, thanks for your patience! 


0:00 Intro
0:25 What is “the biosphere”?

I. Some Good News
0:50 What you can do now:
1:15 Tropical Forests
2:20 The Systemic Climate Solution: http://tinyurl.com/systemic-cs
3:45 Our Life-Support System
4:45 BioIntegrity’s planetary impacts
6:45 Ecosystems over Technology
7:00 Protect Tropical Forest: biointegrity.net/solutions ($2/acre)

II. What’s Going On Here
7: 45 No Reason to Care?

Reason #1 Humans over Nature?
8:00 Genesis 1:26, “the dominion verse”
8:50 “Dominionism”: https://tinyurl.com/allcreation-domin...
9:15 Jewish dominion: “Humans are God’s partners in bettering the creation.”
9:45 Islamic dominion: “You are answerable to God for what you do with the animals, the plants…”
11:00 Christian dominion: “To figure out how to live well in our places with each other.”
11:30 Reclaiming Genesis “dominion”: 1) Agrarian context, 2) Theocentric identity, 3) Christians are care providers, 4) Discipleship of caring change.

Reason #2 50,000 more years?
14:10 We could have 50,000 more years of a stable climate

Reason #3 “The environment” is our life-support system
14:30 The forgotten memory
15:00 Biosphere Earth = Life & living systems
15:55 The Value of Biosphere Earth: https://www.biointegrity.net/value.html
16:00 The quick history of Life
16:40 The value of ecosystems: Life, life-support & ecosystem services

Reason #4 We are collapsing our Life-system now
18:00 Bad news science: A top 10
20:00 Rapid growth of a biospherically-destructive system
21:00 Biodiversity is in the greatest crisis of all things today

III. Recenter on the Biosphere
21:30 Biospheric Reformation: 2 Priorities
23:10 One question: “Does it strengthen or weaken the life-support system”

IV. The Biospheric Climate Solution
(Fixing Agriculture + Ending Deforestation + Restoring Land Biosphere)
23:30 Looking at what we gain by regrowing the most bio-productive ecosystems Earth
24:20 This strategy could take us out of the climate crisis within 10 to 30 years
25:45 Carbon
32:40 Sponge
33:30 Cooling
35:20 Irrigation
36:15 Self-care
37:45 Weaves
38:20 The lymphatic system of the planet
39:30 Circulation
41:00 We have the potential to stop & reverse Climate Change
41:20 The main priorities

V. Necessity & Promise 
42:00 Reversing our collapse
42:45 Biospheric Reformation
43:45 Indigenous People 1st
44:30 Even “clean tech” must fit into biospheric reality 
45:00 Add these values 
45:25 How to support systemic changes (slide): 1) Indigenous Rights, 2) Regenerative Agriculture, 3) Globally-strategic protection & restoration of biodiversity
45:45 Technology

VI. Wrap Up
45:55 What We Covered
46:45 Upward Spiral Economics
“Forests bring the rain.”

47:00 Q&A
47:15 Citizen Climate Lobby & carbon fees good?
48:15 What’s more viable for carbon capture: nature or technology?
“We need to make our economics empower Nature to be the solution.”
52:45 What can we do at home?
55:00 How can the environmental movement learn from its mistakes and connect better with more people?
58:30 Who do we reach out to help support Indigenous people in stewarding the land?


Thanks for watching.
Visit biointegrity.net to learn more.
Visit biointegrity.net/solutions to help protect tropical forests
Visit biointegrity.net/donate to make a tax deductible gift in support of our work. 

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