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We're helping "Permaculture Man" Harrison Aron, founder of K'Aron Community Farm in Kenya, raise funds for a fence this week and we need your help! He's very happy after all the support our community has given in the last two weeks. This audio is a segment from this week's interview with Harrison by BioIntegrity founder/director Chris Searles. Unfortunately, that video and audio were again too inconsistent to present, so we share this important piece: Harrison updating us on some of what he's done just since receiving funding for seeds, including already purchasing and planting new seeds, digging a very large, natural seep well for the new expansion garden, and continung to harvest from their already functioning gardens. Harrison also shares some of the regenerative, permaculture techniques he's using to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in his community. 

"(Our malnutrition problem is) Mostly from dirty water and the type of food we are eating." (Harrison Aron)

Harrison is a Permaculture designer / regenerative farmer working to feed his whole community in ways that eliminate food shortages, regrow ecosystems, restore local biodiversity, cool the local micro-climate, improve local water supplies... It's truly exciting.

Our community just raised $1,260.00 (US) for for Harrison's 1-acre expansion garden: first ploughing and seeding, then purchasing rainwater collection/distribution equipment. We've also funded half a fence. We are now trying to raise just an additional $500 US (for a grand total of $1,750) to fund the other half of the fence. You can help! These donations will help feed +1,000 people in Homa Bay. With support like ours, Harrison believes he can feed all 5,000+ people in his community within a few years. He then wishes to teach and expand his community-based, Permaculture farming across East Africa. Help Harrison, Help Kenya!

More info: https://mailchi.mp/biointegrity/070822
More info part 2: https://mailchi.mp/biointegrity/071422
Donate here: https://flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTU1MDAx
Contact us: biointegrity.net/contact-us

0:00 Check In

Harrison Aron and Chris Searles (director, BioIntegrity): 

  • Natural seep well: is dug!
  • New seeds: some already planted and germinating
  • Ploughing was a good decision
  • Community is happy (so are we)
  • K'Aron Farm has been harvesting a lot of food varieties this week

4:00 Rebuilding the Soil Naturally


  • Composts & mulches
  • Lasagna layers
  • What destroyed the soil? Inorganic Fertilizers
  • Adding-back Organic Fertilizers: manures, plants & layers

8:00 Some Soil-Building Food Plants

  • Pea Plant ("Jelo Peas")
  • Chop & drop leaves for natural mulch
  • Ground cover foods: squash, pumkpins, beans
  • Nutrition & drought

12:00 Eradicating Malnutrition with Permaculture

  • Diverse food plantings to create a balanced diet
  • Overcoming many diseases
  • Squash leaves & nursing mothers, Beet root & blood health
  • Installing "Kitchen Gardens" in Homa Bay
  • "CBO": Community-Based Organization, here is K'Aron

Lilsten to the first podcast in this series

Help Harrison Expand His Community Garden Project to Feed +1,000 People, Cool the Climate, Restore Biodiversrity, and More -- by clicking this long sentence (click here). 

Thanks again!

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