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Finding Your Truth feat. Tami Chin Mitchell (021)
Jan 12, 2020 · 56 min
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In this episode, Tami Chin Mitchell and I have a conversation about discovering and sitting in our truths.  We explore the truth from many different perspectives and have a candid discussion about the pros, the cons and everything in between.  Here is an overview of what we discussed:
  • How would you define personal truth?

  • Facts vs Truth

  • God, Religion & Spirituality as it relates to Truth

  • What were the other ways that you accessed truth?

  • Is there a space where you need to have a mask?

  • Does your truth need to be public?

  • Does your truth have to be a broken moment?

  • Being a barometer for your truth.

  • Did you have any definitive moments of your truth being realized?

  • Children and the truth.

  • People who say unkind things to others under the guise of it being truth.

  • People sharing other people’s truth.  Whose right is it?

  • What if your truth puts you at harm?

  • Celebrity truths revealed.

  • Forgiveness & truth.

  • Rapid Fire Questions:
    • What are some of the Pros of living a truthful life?
    • What would say are the greatest cons of a truthful life?
    • If there was anyone in your life alive or dead that was willing to share their personal truth with you, who would it be?

  • Tell me a bit about your project ‘Honour the Valley’?

  • What are your final words on sitting in your personal truth?

PERSONAL TRUTH (Dr. Phil): Our personal truth is what we really say to ourselves when our social mask is off. Once you decide what your personal truth is, then you'll be less vulnerable to what others say. The stronger you feel about yourself and the more confidence you have, the more susceptibility to what others say will decline.
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Music for Podcast: Reggae Meets Soul (Outro) - Mario EvonPodcast artwork image captured by Tiffany Lue-Yen
“The way in which you live your life is your truth.”
“The truth is what sits well with my soul.”
“Finding your truth is freedom” - Tami Chin Mitchell
“Checking back in with your truth will always be the compass to tell you what to do next.” - Tami Chin Mitchell
“Your truth can change; it’s ever-changing, ever-growing.” - Tami Chin Mitchell
“Do not be afraid of who you are.” - Tami Chin Mitchell
“We are busying ourselves to not acknowledge who we are.” - Tami Chin Mitchell
“The beauty of the truth is that it’s yours.” - Tami Chin Mitchell

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