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Personal Financial Freedom feat. Randy T. Rowe - Part 2 (010)
Jul 14, 2019 · 36 min
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In this episode, I continue the discussion with Business Development Consultant, Randy T. Rowe, about Personal Financial Freedom.  We speak about more tips on credit card use, being employed vs self-employed, how much you need to start to invest in the stock market, and so much more.
  • How would you say being employed to a company vs being self-employed changes your trajectory?
  • Credit Cards - How to use them, Interest rates, credit card debt
  • What are some cool financial resources you use - Planet Money (Podcast; NPR), Rich Dad Poor Dad (Book), The Game of Thrones (HBO Series), Succession (HBO Series), The Intelligent Investor (Benjamin Graham)
  • Why renting can be better than buying a house?
  • Should people feel ashamed about the amount of money they invest in their first stock purchase?
  • How can he be found - @RTRowe and website,
  • Final words on personal financial freedom 

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  • Be observant.  Observe the financial market.
  • Map your expenses
  • Look at recurrent expenses
  • People should invest in stocks
  • Invest in something that should give you the safest, largest growth towards your goal.
  • Goal-oriented Saving - Decide the cost of what you want and work backwards, then figure out what investment products in the market or things you have that can generate that income.
  • Wait until you are absolutely ready for a credit card
  • When you get a credit card get one with a limit that is less than they are offering and at a level that you know you can manage.

RANDY T. ROWE WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA - EVERYMICKLE.COMhttp://everymickle.comI don’t Save and You Shouldn’t Either - Randy T. Rowe 
BOOKSThe Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham
Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

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“No one has ever gotten wealthy from a 9-5.” - Randy T. Rowe
“You have to own equity in something to be wealthy.” - Randy T. Rowe
“Credit cards are like plastic money that I already have.” - Mario Evon

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