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The 90-Day Rule feat. Shari-Lee Crooks (014)
Aug 11, 2019 · 50 min
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In this episode my friend,  Shari-Lee Crooks and I speak about The 90-Day Rule and whether we think it works, doesn’t work, or is even worth it.  Here’s the breakdown:
Who are you?How do you define the 90-Day Rule?Are these persons who are dating?Do you think that abstaining for 90 days while dating is sensible?Do you think that relationships should survive on core values prior to sex?How fast do we get to know what our fundamental connections are?How do we truly identify someone’s intention?What if the man isn’t organized and structured?If things have started to go well with a guy maybe 2 weeks into dating, are you now consciously applying a 90-day rule?What are some of the important things you would want to ascertain early out from someone you are dating?How do you go about getting this foundational information?Do you feel like the 90-day rule applies to Jamaicans?What about Christianity and the 90-day rule?Do you think it’s unusual for a man to set a 90-day rule?Are there women who just want sex?What are some other things outside of the 90-day rule that is protective?Have you done your reconn?What are the final conclusions on The 90-Day Rule?

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