Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth
Jun 10, 2019
EP. 11 Eric Johnson Interview on his latest book: God & Soul Care - The Therapeutic Resources of the Christian Faith
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Show Summary:
Our co-host, Jeremy launches right into a question that speaks to the tensions that exist within the christian community with psychology and theology. Eric provides a robust response that captures the reality of differing worldview’s within psychology, but  provides a persuasive wholistic response for Christians to do their research and take back psychology. Faith and science are not opposed to one another. However, psychology needs to be taken back by rendering it into biblical categories instead of humanistic categories - a must listen!  

Jeremy’s question: tensions that exists within the christian community with psychology and theology? 
  • Every worldview has a view of psychology. 
  • Modern psychology was borne within the naturalistic worldview.  
  • Modern psychology’s naturalism leaves out 
    • God (creator) 
    • Redemption ( the hope of man) we can’t self-actualize in a way that glorifies God, we’re dependent on him. It’s always going to be truncated and distorted with its conclusions.  
  • As christians, we need to be doing our own research within our worldview. 
  • Center of modern therapy 
    • Self(anthropocentric) - its the religious system 
  • Center of  Biblical counseling 
    • Christ is the center (christocentric)  
      • Made in the image of God 
      • Created us for himself 
      • Human flourishing is dependence on God through Christ by the Spirit.  
  • The topic of autonomy in modern psychology  
    • Autonomy is an illusion - biblically speaking 
    • According to a humanistic worldview, autonomy is a goal of leaving the past, forging myself, choosing to be what one wants to be.  
  • Sanctification in his book 
    • Soul-brain  
      • Underscores the intimacy of the immaterial and material unity and reality of our soul and brain - neuropsychology.  
      • God working with us the way we are - our need to surrender our body to righteousness.  
  • Biopsychosocial damage 
    • Weakness - condition that’s less than God’s design. Whether it’s biologically given, it can be experienced in the implications of living in a fallen world, dysfunctional families, traumatic experiences, etc.  
  • We are made for communal living with God and experiencing his love.  
Resources sites in the episode:
God & Soul Care - Eric Johnson
Foundations For Soul Care - Eric Johnson 
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