Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth
Jun 21, 2020
EP. 63 PTSD A Year Later: Curtis Solomon Interview On: Demystifying PTSD (EP. 9)
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Episode Summary: Curtis takes time to Demystify PTSD by removing the D out of it. It’s not an abnormal reaction to normal life, but it’s really a normal response to really extreme and difficult circumstances. PTSD is severely misunderstood, and in this episode, Curtis offers a robust understanding of the nature and scope of PTSD. 

Episode Notes: How do we demystify PTSD?
  • With the Counselee, helping them understand what’s going on physiologically and spiritually as far as what they're facing because the body naturally responds to trauma, and the physiological implications of fight or flight that is associated with fear.
  • This isn’t just a military issue.
  • First responders experience a lot of trauma, as well as familial experiences and events.
  • People respond to trauma differently, and there are a lot of factors that play into manifestations of trauma.
  • Pre traumatic factors involve a lot around how one grew up, experiences, core beliefs, worldview, etc. All of these factors play into the way someone responds to suffering, hardship, and trauma.
  • Peri Traumatic - how are you responding to suffering, what was actually going on in the event itself, what happened to me, was it something I did, who was involved, etc.
  • Where to start with a PTSD case, first develop trust. Going into time with humility, and ask good questions.
  • Ways for churches to best minister to those struggling with PTSD
  • Disassociation, removing yourself from reality, and entering back into a traumatic scenario.
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