Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth
Jul 8, 2019
EP. 15 Humankind & Counseling Part 2: Establishing A Biblical Anthropology
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Episode Notes: 
  • The Imago Dei; we are made in God’s image, and we’re to be imaging(mirroring)who God is in order to bring him glory. 
  • There is no Imago Dei in humanistic thought, it's just the id, superego, etc. that there is nothing inherently wrong with man, its just the impact and influence of his environment.  
  • The “S” word; sin isn’t even a category in humanism.  
  • A scenario of adultery would be blamed on something in the brain, some disorder, manic episode of bipolar, etc, but wouldn’t be looked at as sin.  
  • In biblical counseling, we’re to go beyond just reducing sin to behaviors, but we want to acknowledge its a spiritual disease that still has influence on what we’re thinking, feeling, and ultimately act.     
  • Jesus points out the real problem with our hearts, our propensity to try and serve two masters - we will functionally love the one and hate the other. Masters of our flesh and pursuing our desires, or pursuing God and his will.  
  • There are huge differences between these worldview’s; even the category of forgiveness is is lost in translation. 
  • Humanism would treat forgiveness as an emotional process, not a moral command like a biblical worldview would treat forgiveness. 
  • A biblical worldview would say, forgiveness is the bases to work on my anger verses the humanistic view of process through your emotion and then forgive.   
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