Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth
Sep 2, 2019
EP. 23 Self-Care & Biblical Counseling: Establishing A Rhythm Of Rest In Ministry To Prevent Burnout
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Episode Notes:
◎ Self-Care: how to avoid burnout.
◎ Going beyond our Sunday services and quite times to ensure we’re investing in our soul’s with God’s Word.  
◎ Psalm 73.26, not Psalm. 76.13, there is no verse 13. 
◎ 26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.  (Ps. 73.26)
◎ Establishing a rhythm of rest at least one day of the week. 
◎ Physically, Spiritually, Intellectually, Emotionally
◎ Ps. 46.10
◎ A way to prevent taking things home is resting in the theological doctrine of God’s sovereignty - realizing God’s care and concern for those that we’re counseling.  
◎ How do I work through the burden for them and their circumstances and be ok with how my circumstances are not nearly as difficult
◎ Taking those thoughts captive when we begin to feel guilty that our lives aren’t “as bad as others who suffer more”.  
◎ Counseling will invariably stir up our own stuff. 
◎ Who’s in our life to speak into our life when we get stirred? 
◎ Physically, we need to be far more intentional with being active and creating a healthier diet. 
◎ Planning is the most important part of self-care. 

Episode Resources: 
Call the sabbath a delight - Walter J. Chantry 
The Lord’s Day - Joseph A. Pipa, JR. 
Instruments In the redeemer’s hands - Paul Tripp 
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