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EP. 32 Made To Minister Conference: Book Review With Author of Journey: A Path To Biblical Change - A Unique Resource Written For Anyone Experiencing Trials or Suffering
Nov 3, 2019 · 32 min
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  • Journey started as homework components that were created as counseling was happening. 
  • Application questions
  • Theological concepts that continued to come up regardless of the format
  • Drawing out charts with those who were being counseled, turning that into charts that could be reproducible. 
  • The counselor can actually use the book with those receiving biblical counseling - starting with the gospel and building on the gospel with theological tracks. 
  • Establishing the fundamentals with the counselee’s; who is God, what do they think about God, do they know how scripture reveals God. 
  • Each chapter has reflective questions that can be used with the counselee that interacts the material. 
  •  The resource was written to bring someone along; a lay leader can use this resource with someone in the faith, at work, or someone who is beginning biblical counseling. 
  • The counselee’s use this book by reading the chapter as a homework assignment, talk about it, how it may have applied to the counselee’s life, and then answer the reflective questions, and then discuss them in the next session. 
  •  It helps the counselee notice when they lean back into a man-centered perspective instead of a God-centered perspective. 
Episode Resources:
Journey: A Path To Biblical Change - Laura Chica
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