Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth
May 3, 2020
EP. 56 Heart of The Matter Series: A Counseling Tool That Helps Expose Deceptive Thoughts, Desires, and Habits
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Episode Notes:
  • The Heart of the Matter: designed to help facilitate a process with our counselees to help with the opportunity of examining their hearts. Drawn from Psalm 26.2

    • Heart log (helpful in assisting counselees to identify various aspects of their hearts 
      • begin to identify our theirs through logging 
        • A situation
        • Their emotion
        • Their thoughts and beliefs
        • Their desires and wants
        • Their subsequent behaviors and habits
    • Emotion Wheel 
      • Emotions are often smoke alarms of the soul that alert us to problems
    • Using the exercises to reveal deceptive patterns of thoughts, desires, behaviors, etc. 
      • Deceptive thoughts about situations and others
      • Deceptive thoughts about self
      • Deceptive desires
      • Level of desire
      • Sinful behaviors or habits
  • This series is intended to diagnose what is going on within the counselee. The next part of the series will be about "Put On", where this series is about "Put Off"

Episode Resources:

Episode Quotes:
  • Situation is just a context that exposes the heart. - Jeremy Lelek.
  • Idolatry is when you give yourself permission not to love God or someone else because you didn't get what you wanted. - Jeremy Lelek.
  • Habits shape the heart - Christian History.
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