Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth
Jun 30, 2019
EP. 14 Humankind & Counseling Part 1: Establishing A Humanistic Worldview of Anthropology
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Episode Notes: 
  • Establishing both views; secular worldview on anthropology and a biblical worldview of anthropology.  
  • Humanism began to take an overt stance in psychology by Abraham Maslow, founder of humanistic psychology.  
  • Humanism has man at the center of everything.  
  • Egocentrism unfortunately has crept into the evangelical church with its ear tickling.  
    • Symptom alleviation, better circumstances, etc.  
  • Darwinian evolution had a huge impact on psychology.  
    • The world started from primordial soup, and over billions of years, we evolved from fish to philosophers - being factious.  
  • Freud - psychosexual development - all our human development has a foundation in our sexuality.  
    • Id - darker side, tempted us, superego - our conscience, ego - the mediator  
  • Our view of human nature drives our diagnostic framework.  
  • Carl Rogers believed - non directional approach, given a positive direction, the client would find their potential and flourish.  
  • Our view of human nature not only tells us what’s wrong but also provides a prescription to make things right.  
  • Alfred Kinsey - father of propagating the sexual revolution.  

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