Save Like Dave Podcast
Save Like Dave
Welcome to the Save Like Dave Podcast where we are on a mission to help you SAVE and WIN with your money no matter how much you are currently making. This is a Christian Finance Podcast teaching you practical tips on saving and investing with lots of interesting examples and unique, applicable life experiences. We are a father/son team with Dave (Nate is Dave's son and co-host) being the personal finance expert and guru. Dave’s done it and he’s here to help you achieve your financial goals too. Dave's income was well under $50k in all but 4 years [with the highest year at $73k], but yet he still managed to retire at 55 with over $1M+ saved up. We want you to not just survive financially but to succeed in every area of your life. By faithfully saving and investing you can take control of your financial life. All Save Like Dave Podcast episodes go from anywhere from 14-20 minutes long and teach an important financial concept through engaging stories and practical everyday examples. At the end of each episode, we leave you with an applicable bible verse or quote. 1 new episode comes out each week. We will teach you how to become a consistent saver! In each episode, we promise that you will take away at least one proven tip or piece of advice to get you one step closer to reaching your financial goals. Listen in and begin to apply these financial principles and you too will start to create your own future and begin to live life on your terms. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your incredible journey!
Save Like Dave Podcast
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