Electrifying AI: An Electric World Order
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When we were thinking about the huge changes that we see in the Electric Power industry, and how we could communicate these, we realized that podcasting was the only way to go. That way, we can keep it brief & informal, but at the same time keep things candid, honest and only loosely scripted. The hope is to deliver insightful & informed commentary that demystifies energy industry transformations (the what) and decodes them (the now what).

This, our inaugural episode, looks at:
  • People and places for energy AI
    • Recognition today is stronger with IT or back-office related domains, but is this the best place to start?
    • The core people, those that actually design and operate the grid find themselves trying to sort the AI hype from reality.
  • Consumer involvement: Not just where they buy their power, but can even generate their own - solar, wind, micro-grids sell back.
  • Demystifying the connection between the greatest machine ever built and the greatest enabler of our time, data analytics.
Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore a range of issues, including:
  • The political landscape
  • How businesses are changing their own energy profiles
  • Operationalize Analytics
  • Scale & size
  • Supernatural powers
  • Complexities of managing and operating these physical estates
  • Infrastructures are huge and organizations seek to optimize
  • Optimizing costs /resources
  • Intelligent sensors machines
Join us next time for our next episode which we are calling Electricity Pandemified, where we will explore how Covid-19 has shaped and will go on to shape the Power Industry Electricity Pandemified - in amongst all the gloom and concerns about jobs, recessions, there are opportunities.
Here is a listing of links to references for the topics we covered in this episode:
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